Health week

We have been talking about keeping healthy, brushing our teeth keeping our bodies clean and staying safe in the sun.

We have made fruit smoothies. We had strawberries and bananas which we had to chop up and put into the blender. We then added ice cream and the grown ups switched the noisy blender on and then we watched.

It was very exciting but the best bit was we got to drink it.

It was delicious especially on such a hot day.

Rumble in the jungle.

We are enjoying this theme, building dens for the animals, singing and listening to jungle stories.

The weather has been kind to us so we have been able to continue our learning outside. We have been looking at rhyme and alliteration, listening to the world around us and not forgetting to water our “Mr McGregors” garden.

Fresh fruit jelly

Miss Cook brought some ingredients in for us to look at. She brought strawberries and oranges and two packets of orange and strawberry jelly.

We took turns to cut up the fruit and then we watched Miss Cook use very hot water to melt the jelly.

She put it in the fridge to set and look what we did the next day.

Yes we ate it all up.

Thank you Miss Cook

Home school bag.

Lila showed us her two things this morning. First she showed us her doll Chelsey who she could wash her hair. She had no clothes on though as she had left them in her mummies car. Next she showed us her doll in a globe which was breakable so she wrapped it in a nappy to keep safe. It was called Polly.

She had one before which had broken so her Nannie brought her this one.

Thank you Lila