New minibeast species!

Today we have been designing our own minibeast using a piece of online software called Purple Mash. We were able to choose lots of different colours an textures as well as change the thickness of the paint tool we were using. Miss. Menzies was ever so impressed with our touch pad control and how well we were staying in the lines.

When we finished we got to name our new species of minibeast. We’ve had everything from a ‘Patelapiller’ to a ‘Bogdabeetle’

Our ever growing caterpillars

Our caterpillars are getting so big now, we can’t believe how much they have grown in just one week.  We have estimated that they are about ten times as big.  We are keeping our fingers crossed that they shed their exoskeleton one last time, and harden into chrysalides.

Week one                                           Week two

Hillmorton Crime Scene

We went to the new science lab and were shocked to discover a crime had been committed. A diamond had been stolen from the safe and it was our job to catch the criminal!

We were joined by Leanne who told us what a forensic scientist does and the sorts of things they look for at a crime scene. Some of these include finger prints and shoe prints.

Something called DNA can lead us to a criminal. Did you know DNA can be found in blood, spit, tears, hair, wee and poo? (Ewwww)

At the crime scene we discovered finger prints, DNA left on a keyring and footprints which all lead us to conclude it was Mindy!

Lots of us now want to be detectives and solve crimes when we are older

Our Very Hungry Caterpillars

We were very excited to receive a special package and even more excited when we discovered that we had our own caterpillars to look after. We are going to watch them grown and transform into beautiful butterflies. We have only had he caterpillars three days and already they have grown much bigger.

Jeanette and her amazing mini-beasts

Today we had a visit from Jeanette and her amazing mini-beasts.  She told us lots of information about them and we were able to hold or stroke them if we were brave enough!

We all found the creatures very fascinating and found out some interesting facts.

We meet Millie the giant African millipede, some smaller millipedes, a Madagascan hissing cockroach, a locust and a giant African land snail.  We even saw the skeleton of a Chilean rose tarantula.


Star of the Week

Forest has chosen Henry to be Star of the Week.  Henry is trying really hard with all his work in school and is even practising lots at home.  Henry has made such big improvement in all his learning that Forest just had to choose him!

Well done Henry, keep working hard!

Yoga week 2

We have enjoyed our second yoga lesson with Mrs Day.  We practised the poses we did last week and learned some new ones.  Played ping pong tennis and lots of other exciting games.  We finished the lesson with a story called Walter’s Wonderful Web, we helped tell the story by using different yoga poses.