Sports Day

Well done to Reception who took part in their very first Sports Day!

All the children behaved so well and supported each other beautifully!

Thank you to everyone who came to support us, I think the ‘Wet Sponge’ race was an all round favourite for Reception children.

The whole school results are as follows:
1st Green Team
2nd Yellow Team
3rd Blue Team
4th Red Team

Giraffes can’t dance…

…but the Reception children can!

We have had great fun performing for everyone this week. Many thanks to everyone at home for helping us learn our lines so well and kitting us out in our costumes. We hope you enjoyed the show!

Keep your eyes peeled for a video if you want to watch it again.

Designing a car park

In maths we used our knowledge of length to design a car park!  

We used cubes to measure the length and width of different vehicles, we recorded the measurements then drew the correct size shape on our paper to create a car park with spaces big enough for each vehicle.

Kick Boxing

We had a very exciting kick boxing lesson with Corey.  We learned the listening stance, fighting stance, how to jab, cross and how to kick.  We then put all our movements together to make a sequence. Corey was very impressed with our moves!

Healthy Lunch Box

To start health week we talked about what we need to do to be healthy.  We then thought about what we might include in a healthy lunch box, we cut out healthy food and stuck then on out lunch box.  Mrs Firkins was impressed with our healthy choices!