Dear Reception…

Today we had a visit from the year one children.  They have written us some wonderful letters to tell us all about year one.  It was lovely to hear about all the exciting learning we are going to do and has helped us feel a little less nervous about our move into Key Stage One.

A Duck’s Journey

Today we were given a range of resources and set a challenge to create a journey for a duck from one place to another without touching it with our hands only using a watering can full of water.

Our teamwork was superb and our testing and problem solving skills were certainly challenged.

Phizz Lab Fun

This afternoon we went to the Phizz Lab and took part in some space themed science activities. We used microscopes to look at rocks from different planets, used the geoboards to make star constellations, dropped space rocks to create craters on the moon and made electrical circuits for the space craft! As well as having lots of fun we used lots of scientific vocabulary when talking to our friends about the different tasks.

Science Week

This week is science week and our focus is Journeys.  

We decided to think about journeys the Beebots could make.  We experimented with how they work then programmed them to follow a set journey and made our own paths for them to follow.

Spectacular Seascapes

As part of our work during art week, we create spectacular seascapes. It took us quite a long time as we had to complete our work in different stages. First we painted a paper plate to create an underwater effect, then we added sand. After that we carefully painted sea creatures. When everything was dry, we were able to put it all together and add finishing touches of seaweed and shells. We are very impressed with our completed art work.

Sports Day 2019

Thank you to everyone that came to support us on our very first sports day.

I am sure you will agree that Reception were amazing (as always), great team spirit and a marvelous effort from all. Well done!

The whole school results were:

1st Red Team

2nd Blue Team

3rd Yellow Team

4th Green Team

Beneath the Sea

As part of our Art Week work, we had been looking at the artist Robert Lyn Nelson. He has painted lots of undersea pictures. We looked carefully at his picture Sweeping Hava Vista. We looked at what we could see and used lots of describing words. We worked as a class to put our ideas together to create a poem, what do you think?

Beneath the Sea

The beautiful orange and red sunset is shimmering on the water.

It shines through the waves making the dark blue light

The shark with sharp teeth is swimming all alone.

Two cheeky stingrays are playing hide and seek.

The orange and black fish is hiding amongst the sharp rocks, with water lapping inside.

Three swimming turtles, with shells as hard as stone, are playing tig.

A dangly octopus, with legs like a spider, is playing at the bottom of the sea.

The fish are making their way home between the colourful coral.

The sea is beautiful and calm.