What a week!

Phew, time for a well deserved weekend!

Well done Reception you have has a fantastic first full week at school! Here are a few snapshots of your new experiences.

We are loving our school dinners, we are getting used to the new whole school routines of collecting a tray and cutlery, then our meal, continuing to the pudding and drink station before carrying the whole lot to our seat, and we haven’t dropped one yet (unlike the older children!)

Listening to and telling each other stories. (We have heard some super expression in your voices this week!)

Enjoying our new outdoor equipment..

Setting up camp and taking bookings and helping animals in our Vets Surgery feel better.

See you next week for another week packed full of fun and new experiences!

Welcome to our blog!

Hello everyone and welcome to Miss Menzies’ Reception Class Blog 2019-2020!

We have settled into our new classroom really well, and are looking forward to our first full day on Monday!

Please keep checking back to see for posts and photographs of what we have been learning and feel free to leave comments on our posts.

Reception Team