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Miss Gibbs over and out x

One final post from me…

How the time has flown! RHG it has been an absolute pleasure to teach all of you this year. You’ve brightened every single day with your endless smiles and laughter! You will always hold a very special place in my heart ❤️

I would also like to say a big thank you to all the grown-ups at home! It’s been a very strange year and we couldn’t have done it without your continued support. You’ve been the best home teachers over this year.

I have no doubts that you are going to absolutely blow Miss Webster and Mrs Southall away with your amazing personalities, and how hard you will hopefully continue to work.

I hope you all have the best summer, you deserve it! Please keep in touch and I’ll see you all in September.

Sports Day!

On Thursday it was the best day of the year– Sports Day! We dressed up in our team colours and tried our best to win the races. These included the egg and spoon race, a relay race, a water race, throwing beanbags, and seeing who could jump the furthest! It was such good fun– just look at those massive smiles!

The final results for Reception were… 1st place Green team, 2nd place Red team, 3rd place Yellow team, and 4th place Blue team. Well done everybody!

Yoga time 🧘🏽

Today we have had a yoga workshop! What a relaxing way to kick off health week.

We did some brilliant balancing, and had some lovely ideas on how to lead a healthy lifestyle. These included healthy food, exercise, having baths, brushing our teeth, and feeling happy!

Hapa Zome 🌸

On Friday we learnt all about the skill of ‘Hapa Zome’, a Japanese craft translated loosely as ‘flower pounding’.

We used flower petals and leaves to create patterns on pieces of fabric. We then folded the fabric in half and gave them a thorough bashing with a hammer! This caused all the juices to come out of the flowers and leaves, leaving a colourful pattern on the fabric.

We had a smashing time!

Art Workshop!

Today we had an art workshop, all about nature. We learnt a very important new word- texture. We talked about the textures of lots of different materials, and how to create this on paper!

There were three stations: creating texture using paint, doing leaf rubbings, and creating magic patterns using wax crayons and watercolours.

The workshop leader was very pleased with everyone’s work. She commented on how lovely it was to see everyone’s creativity and willingness to have a go at every activity. It made me so proud to hear such lovely comments about our class!

Sammy the Spider 🕷

We had a wonderful drum workshop, all about Sammy the Spider! Sammy helped us with the rhythms of the session, as we played our instruments to the beat of his name. We also met some of Sammy’s friends along the way, including Charlie the Camel, and the Giraffopotamus!

Nature weaving…

Today we have been busy using all of our lovely collected materials to create woven pieces of art.

This week is Art Week and the theme is “Patterns in Nature”- we have certainly created some beautiful woven patterns using the nature around us!

Have a look at the finished artwork!

We’re on a nature hunt 🌱

On Monday we had a blast!

We spent most of the afternoon outside, looking for nature ready to complete an upcoming activity later in the week. We found lots of beautiful flowers, leaves, and grasses.

We finished the afternoon with some good old fashioned fun- rolling down the hill! (With adult supervision of course!)

The seaweed is always greener 🌱

Step two of our amazing seascapes… seaweed and sea creatures!

Today we have started adding seaweed to the sand in our seascapes. We have been really carefully scrunching up tissue paper to create texture, and sticking it on to the seabed.

We have also been carefully making sea creature outlines using stencilling. These are going to be painted and added onto our seascapes too!

Look at those concentration faces 🤔