Fun in the Phizz Lab!

Today we went to the Phizz Lab to do some super science based activities. These included…

· Floating and Sinking – Creating a plasticine boat that will float

· What is in the bear cave? – Testing the suitability of materials for a new pair of curtains

· Junk Yard Dive In – Using magnets to separate magnetic and non magnetic materials

· You’re Electric! – Building our own circuits

· Surface Puzzle – Testing different road surfaces

Enjoy this video of us enjoying ourselves and showing off our super science skills!

All about our bodies…

We have been learning all about our internal organs. These include the heart, the lungs, and the stomach. We’ve been thinking about what they are used for and where we can find them in our bodies. We drew round someone in our group, and then drew on these internal organs and collaged them!