To the new Year One…

Well, I can’t quite believe our year together is over already.

Boys and girls, you brought the magic this year and made it a fun, silly and successful one! I will miss you all terribly! I don’t think I will ever be able to hear ‘High Hopes’ and not smile.


I am confident you are going to blow Miss Wheeler away with your amazing abilities and cheeky charms.

I’d like to take this opportunity to say thank you to all of the mums, dads, and carers for your continued support over this very strange academic year (we couldn’t have done it without you).

Your children really are amazing little humans who will always have a special place in my heart.

See you in September!

Katie Menzies xx

Sports Day!

The clouds cleared and Reception Class were able to take part in their very first Sports Day!

The whole year group results are as follows:
1st Green Team
2nd Red Team
3rd Yellow Team
4th Blue Team

A huge well done to Reception who were beautifully behaved as usual. Not forgetting a big thank you Mrs Firkins who organised and set each event up for us!


To kick off our morning we had a Taekwondo session with Sabum Jason. We looked at special techniques for blocking, kicking and punching and even incorporated some counting to 10 in Korean. Take a look at our photographs and videos..

Super Smoothies

To continue our Health Week, we have began by discussing fruits and vegetables. Did you know you should aim to eat 5 hand sized portions a day?

We figured that by the time our day was over some of us had already eaten 4!

We then designed and prepared our own ‘Seaside Smoothie’ (fruit smoothies) working in small groups. We were able to cut, chop, peel and most importantly blend!

They were delicious and of course very healthy!

Yoga Workshop

To kick of our Health and Sports Week this morning we took part in a Yoga workshop. we impressed with how much we knew already about keeping our bodies healthy (diet, exercise, sleep, water) and explored this and looking after our mental well being through a series of yoga move.

It was very calm and relaxing.

Working with a Local Artist

As part of our Art Week experiences today we were joined by a local artist called Sara.

We explored the theme of ‘texture’ by having a go at three techniques; wax resistant painting, leaf rubbing, texture painting with a variety of tools.

With the help of the older children in school Sara is all going to be put together our leaf rubbings to create a huge canvas for our bare walls in our brand new part of school. We can’t wait to see the finished piece!

Money Money Money

We have been exploring and recognising the value of one penny and the value of coins. We began exploring by looking at how many pennies a coin is worth. Did you know £1 is the same as having 100 pennies!

We have been paying for items using one coin, digging for coins and making amounts using pennies to buy bus tickets!

We then challenged ourselves further by exploring different combinations of coins with a total of up to 20p!

An emotional day…

…for Miss. Menzies

Reception spent the morning with their new class teacher Miss Wheeler and Teaching Assistant Miss Smith today.
They had a great time and I’m sure they will tell you all about it.

Reception children you have made me very proud of you, I have had lovely feedback from your new classroom adults already (especially about how good your writing is!)

Drumming Workshop

Today we took part in an exciting hands-on workshop to experience the thrill and excitement of rhythm and drumming.

Everyone in a class was given an authentic African drum or other instrument to participate in a story based rhythm workshop all about Sammy the Spider and his friends.