Don’t get lost in the jungle!

We looked at a map of Woburn Safari Park and discussed the things we remember seeing and where they were. We also discussed what a map was, where we have seen them before and why they are important to have sometimes.
We then drew their own map representation of the Woburn Safari Park.
Mrs Menzies was really impressed with our drawings and labelling!


I cannot tell you enough how fantastic Receptions writing is. They use their sounds to stretch out difficult new words fantastically, their handwriting is beautiful and they are trying really hard to remember capital letters and full stops.

Thanks for all of your support at home with the sounds and tricky word bags it really shows in how confident they have become.

This week we focused on writing recounts, and continued to write a recount of our day at the Woburn Safari Park. We discussed how we might start a recount and how we need to use exciting language so that people will want to read it!

Have a look at some of our recounts below!

We went on Safari…

…we weren’t scared!

WOW! What a wonderful day we had at Woburn Abbey Safari Park. We saw Lions, Giraffes, Rhinos, Bears, Lemurs, Penguins, Monkeys, Sea lions, Kangaroos, Wallabies, Ostriches, Tigers, Parrots, Buffaloes just to name a few!

We even got to stroke an elephant and the lemurs were trying to get into our rucksacks!!

We were extremely lucky as the day itself was beautiful and Reception children made us very proud! (We really are the best class in the world!)

Many thanks to our helpers Mrs Moore, Mrs Phipps and of course Mrs Firkins for all of their help.

It all ended in a very unexpected long but quiet and sleepy bus drive home.

We captured lots of great photographs get ready for an abundance of slideshows below!

Car Park Construction

Today we were measuring vehicles using non standard units to create a new car park for Woburn Safari Park. We had to make sure that the parking spaces would be sufficient. Children were able to estimate the amount of bricks long a vehicle would be and also compare vehicles lengths using the language longer and shorter.

Miss Menzies has been impressed with our language, team work and full sentences as usual.