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We were treated to the sounds of the sixties this week with a performance from our very own Beatles, Lee and Ash.  The children really enjoyed hearing the live music and asking lots of questions! Thanks to Lee and Ash for coming and performing for us!


Sports Day

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Thanks to everyone that came along and cheered on the children – it was a fantastic afternoon!

Simon from YFC

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Simon from Youth for Christ come in for his final visit of Year 5. He treated us to some sounds of the 60’s, bringing with him some vinyl and a record player! We had a dance and then sat down and thought about the different symbols Christians used and what they meant.

Artist’s Impression

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In Guided Reading, we continued reading Wonder and used the text to create picture of what we thought Auggie looked like. Here are some of the examples:


Ear Muffling!

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In Science, we conducted an investigation into sound and which material muffles sound best. We used the data loggers and a range of different materials to test.

Flat Stan’s First Aid Masterclass

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As part of Health Week, we had a visit from Stan the first aider who came to help us refresh our first aid knowledge. We recapped what to do in an emergency and where to seat help before doing some practical work. First, we practised the recovery position and worked in pairs to perfect our technique. Stan was very impressed with Jessica who confidently put Mrs McManus into the recovery position. We also practised CPR, ensuring that our arms were locked and our fingers were interlinked before doing chest compressions to the sound of ‘Staying Alive’!!

International Day of the African Child

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June 16th was Day of the African Child, which raises awareness of the need to improve education for African children. Here in school, we learnt all about the differences in education in England and Africa and took part in some African themed activities. Lots of us were shocked that children across the world do not all have the same education and we felt very strongly that children in Africa had improved opportunities.

As we are partnered with SDA New Jeshwang school in Gambia and Mrs Pruden and Miss Menzies have been to visit them in Gambia, we thought we would like to know more about the country and so carried out some comparative research between England and Gambia. We found out lots of interesting facts but were mainly surprised by how small Gambia was!

We also had a fantastic African dance lesson where we learnt some traditional dance moves before putting them all together into a performance!

Wonder Book Trailer

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Here is the book trailer for our fantastic class reader.


60’s Mania

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As part of our WOW day for our new topic, we got dressed up in some rather groovy outfits! We watched The Yellow Submarine, researched The Beatles and then created our own Beatles LP Covers!


Votes for Women

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We have researched the Suffragettes and how they changed history! We have then written our own pro or anti-suffrage speeches. Here are some of them…