Science Week

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Science week has been amazing; we have experiences so many exciting activities and got to use some fantastic new equipment in our mega science lab. The projects that were bought from home were incredible and we all enjoyed sharing these in class and at the science fair.



Forensic Science

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We learnt all about forensic science with Leanne, who was a forensic investigator. She taught us all about a crime scene about even got to solve our very own crime. Turns out, we are pretty good detectives!


Solar Power

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As part of Science Week, we had a visit from the team at GE. They came to talk to use about solar power and renewable energy sources.
We got to try and create our own solar power using torches. Some were more successful than others but with a bigger torch, we saw the light on the house illuminate and the fan spin round.

Fizzing Mentos

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In Science, we planned and conducted an investigation into which fizzy drink fizzed the longest when a mento mint was dropped in.

The Island Sketches

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This afternoon we got creative and sketched some amazing images from our book, The Island. We practised first and then added the final versions to our narrative poems. Some incredible work from Year 5!





Homework Gallery

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Some amazing efforts in homework this week – well done Year 5!

We are very much looking forward to seeing the reading timelines and Science projects next week! Don’t forget, both are due in Monday 12th March.


Homework Website Suggestions

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The Ocean’s Weirdest Creatures!



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As part of book week, we enjoyed a drama workshop with Say Two Productions where we learned some acting techniques.

The Island Drama

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Today, we were introduced to The Island by Armin Greder. We explored the first part of the story, where an outsider arrives on an island looking and acting very differently to the people who already lived there. We discussed the differences between the characters and how they might be feeling before acting out the scene of the islanders reaction in groups.

Chinese New Year

February 28th, 2018 by kmcmanus 1 comment »

Celebrating the Year of the Dog, we created our own dogs out of clay. We designed them first and then crafted them!