Harvest Collection

Thank to everyone who donated towards the Harvest collection. Mrs Smith from the Rugby Foodbank came to collect the food and personally thank the children on Thursday.

We are now beginning to collect shoeboxes for Romania – please see the letter going out this week with suggestions on what to fill them with

Runaway Car

This week we advised a roller coaster designer what the best height for his roller coaster would be to make the car go the fastest. We tested the best height using a ramp and our very own cars. We found that the higher the ramp, the less distance the car travelled as friction acted upon the car sooner than if we set the ramp up to a medium height. This surprised us all as we thought that the higher the ramp, the further the car would travel.

Messy Art

We may look like we are creating a big mess but in art this week, we started working on a picture inspired by the illustrations of Odysseus, our class text. We are using different colours and textures of black paper to build up a sea scene, ripping the shape of the waves to give an interesting effect. This was only phase one, phase two to follow next week!


Shoe Shopping!

Our Science this week was focused on friction, we recapped this type of force and thought about real life examples to share. We then tested a range of shoes to see which one would be the best for Hermes, messenger of the Gods. We decided that the shoes that had the best grip and caused the most friction were the ones to help him not slip over as he ran up and down Mount Olympus!

Here we are testing the force needed to move a range of shoes. (Don’t worry, Mr. McManus didn’t notice that his golf shoes were missing!)


This week we started music lessons again. This is our third year playing brass instruments and we welcomed a new music teacher, Mr. Lock. After a quick recap of reading notes and playing our instruments, we started practising a new split class piece.

Greek Food

Today we had a very exciting tasting session! On the menu was Greek salad, tzatziki, pitta bread and houmous. What was even more exciting was that the salad and tzatziki was made by our own fair hands and it was delicious! Lots of us enjoyed it so much, we finished everything on the plate and lots of us tried new ingredients or things that we thought that we didn’t like! Mrs McManus and Ms Vale were really impressed with how sensible we were, chopping up all the food and how much we enjoyed it! A great second day!

Welcome to Year 5!

We have had a great start to school, getting to know each other, setting class rules, finding out about the Gods and Goddesses of Ancient Greece and watching Jason and the Argonauts.

Our classroom is great, although we are still getting used to walking up and down all the stairs! Here’s to a super year!