Bridge Building

In class the the children have worked in groups to design and create the most efficient and cost effective bridge. The children were challenged to use as few straws as possible which had an imaginary price. To determine the best bridge we slowly added weight to each bridge until they gave way.

Friction Investigation

This week the children have been investigating the effects of friction on our class made rockets. The children used a range of materials which they propelled a rocket down before recording the results and concluding which ‘track’ caused the most friction between itself and the rocket.


In literacy the children have been perfecting their script writing skills as they have written a script using inspiration from our new class text ‘Floodlands’. The children have ended the week by performing their own story lines to the rest of the class.

Angle Finders

The children are learning to find, measure and draw a range of obtuse, acute, reflex and right angles. To do so they created their own angle finders to determine what type of angles they could identify.

Science Week

As part of science week the children have been taking part in a range of activities. Most popular however was the egg drop competition based on delivering vaccines. We saw some awesome entries that did a fantastic job of effectively delivering the vaccine!


This afternoon we enjoyed a magical game of Quidditch. We worked in our house groups and had to decide which positions we would play…… chaser, beater keeper or seeker.

The chasers had to try and throw the quaffle through the scoring rings being protected by the keeper, whilst dodging the beaters with the bludgers. The seekers tried to earn extra points by catching the golden snitch. All this whilst trying to keep one hand on the broomstick at all times!

A very hot and fun afternoon!

Group Improvisations

To help the children dive further into our class text ‘Floodlands’, small groups took turns to improvise sections from the text to allow them to really get into the minds of the characters. Great performances were demonstrated by all.

Homework Projects

The children in 5AA don’t just work incredibly hard when they’re in class, at home they still continue to push themselves and create work to the best of their ability. This is clear to see as the children have produced a range of fantastic homework projects, all of which show different extreme environments.

News Just In!

In RE the children have been working incredibly hard with Mrs Van Laar and produced a range of superb news reports which related modern day news to religious beliefs. The children then took the time to present their reports to the rest of the class.