Challenging Conversions

In maths this week the children have moved on from converting units of measure and started to compare decimals and fractions. Through the use of resources the children have been converting kilograms to grams, £’s to pence and metres to kilometres.

Peer Mediators

This week we have been visited by Mr Tims and completed a workshop that will help the children prevent and extinguish disagreements within school. The children learnt the five key questions that they can ask people to help them move past disagreements and also had the opportunity to take part in some role play.

Stone Age Workshop

To kick off our new topic we have had a visit from Neil Wood who is a sculpture based in the Midlands. Neil worked with the children to create some amazing molds which the children then cast using plaster of Paris. The children also had the opportunity to explore some of the sculptures that Neil had created himself.

The Powers of Persuasion

In literacy the children have been composing emails in character as Liam from our class text Cosmic. The children had to convince Liam’s friend Florida to take the once in a lifetime opportunity to travel to space by effectively using persuasive devices within their writing. I’m sure after reading some of these super emails you would also be persuaded to pay space a visit!

Our Solar System

To further the children’s knowledge of the planets within our Solar System the children have been creating a set of their own Top Trump cards. The children created these using the laptops, detailing a range of great facts about the plants!

Getting Into Character

In literacy we have started our new text Cosmic! To get into character and provide the children with inspiration for next weeks writing we have been creating freeze frames where the children have the opportunity to express their opinions as any given character when tapped on the shoulder. Currently this year, freeze frames have allowed the children to create some incredibly inspired pieces of writing!

Brilliant Bridges

In D&T the children worked in groups to create their own bridges that spanned a gap of 80cm. All the children used the same amount of resources and implemented the design that they had earlier created. All the children worked in groups to create bridges that consisted of triangular shapes where possible, due to research that they had conducted regarding the strengthening of bridges. Once the bridges were complete we tested their strength and stability by placing our topic books on them. The strongest bridge held 8 topic books!

Fascinating Floods

As part of our ’Wild Water’ topic the children have planned and carried out their own investigation into how permeable and impermeable surfaces could affect flooding. The children learnt about how flooding effects their local area before discussing why property development and the use of impermeable building materials may be leading to an increase in flooding. The children’s investigation looked at how permeable and impermeable surfaces would affect surface run-off.

Homework Heroes

As part of our topic ‘Wild Water’ the children revised their previous learning based on the water cycle. The children created their own models showing the journey that a single droplet of water takes on its journey around the water cycle.