Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year- The Year of the Dog

Year 4 loved exploring Chinese New Year and discussing themes and traditions. We talked about the Year of the Dog and the different animals related to our own year of birth. We have a class of ox and rats!

We were really lucky to share Suki’s culture with her. Suki brought in some artefacts and decorations that are traditionally used during the Chinese New Year. We looked at lanterns, chop sticks, special scrolls and even some Chinese money!

The children had lots of questions about the Chinese culture that Suki answered. She taught the class how to say some phrases and we even completed the afternoon register in Chinese!
At the end of the day, we sampled different Chinese foods such as fortune cookies, crispy cookies and Chinese sweets.


The Iron Man!

‘His great iron head, shaped like a dustbin but as big as a bedroom’

We used the quote above from The Iron Man to inspire an investigation about the Iron Man’s size. We went outside and drew a head that was roughly the size described; we could fit our whole class inside! We then drew his body, which is larger than a house, and stood around the outline to visualise the size of his head and torso together.

Back in the classroom, we explored the quote above. We recognised the different components and made an exciting conjunction word bank on the whiteboard. We also discussed the different ways we could open the sentence to avoid sounding repetitive. We put these skills together to create our own descriptive sentences about the Iron Man’s size.

Safer Internet Day 2018

On Tuesday it was Safer Internet Day. Safer Internet Day is an international holiday celebrated to promote safer and more responsible use of online technology and mobile phones across the world. We watched a special E-safety assembly by Year 6 that reminded us of protective behaviours we can utilise when using the internet.

Wow Finish!

As a wow finish to our topic, we enjoyed a rotation of different fun activities including:

  • Designing advertisement posters on the computer to promote a gladiator fight.
  • Colour by Roman numerals.
  • Comparing and drawing Celt and Roman warriors.
  • Described street scenes.
  • Creating Roman Gods and Goddesses
  • Painting our Roman coins.

We had a great time and produced some beautiful work.

Varjak Paw

We loved our guided reading lesson exploring our new text Varjak Paw. We read the blurb and then watched the film trailer to discover more. We discussed both, highlighting the similarities and differences between the two. We are so excited to find out more!

What do you think will happen?

Bosworth Battlefield

We had a brilliant time at Bosworth Battlefield where we had a special Roman day. We met a Roman soldier who taught us how to march and chant like a legionary. We met a Roman slave who taught us how to prepare for a banquet and then we visited the Forum. In the Forum we made Roman coins, wrote in our names in Roman using a quill and ink, looked at real Roman artefacts and dressed up too!

We’re very proud of how well behaved Year 4 were, it was even commented upon by the staff at the Battlefield 🙂