Great worth Hall farmers visit

We really enjoyed having Rosie and Jane from Greatworth Hall farm in today to talk to us about British farming. They spoke to us about their farm being an arable farm and having sheep, pigs and chickens. It was great to also learn more about where our food comes from and that there is a person behind all the food we buy.

Transferring tomatoes 

We really enjoyed working through another practical action challenge today as a scientific experiment. We had to devise a system that could carry tomatoes from the top of a mountain to the bottom without the tomatoes getting squashed, just like they would in Nepal. We then tested them from a height using pulleys and levers. 


Phizz Lab

As part of our Science week activities, we took a journey to the Space Lab and had a go at some of the exciting space themed activities that were in there! From measuring craters to material impact testing, we really got stuck in. We also had a go at making constellations using geoboards, creating a solar system that would fit in our pocket and finally launching a rocket as high as we could!           

Practical action

The local charity, practical action came in today to speak to us about the work they do around the world helping those in poverty who are facing very difficult situations due to our changing climate. They then challenged us Year 4s to ‘Beat the Flood’ in which we needed to design a house that would be suitable for people that live in areas affected by regular flooding. We needed to think about getting height and water proof materials in our designs and models to keep them safe. Once completed our building, we took our designs outside to test their standards against flooding.           

Science week!

We really enjoyed having a real scientist in today for science week showing us different experiments. We learnt about fire, explosions, gravity, aerodynamic and being streamlined and were able to see them in action in various scientific activities. It was great fun seeing how each scientific theory was shown practically!

Chefs in the making…

This week, we have been focusing on writing recipes in our Literacy lessons. In order to prepare ourselves for writing the recipes, we got to bake some healthy muesli balls. We had to follow the instructions carefully to make sure our mixture was the right consistency and our final product was what we wanted.

We have then looked at the different features needed in a recipe in order to be able to write our own. We created our own success criteria to help us remember what we need to include in our recipes in addition to remembering all the steps involved.

School Trip!

Excitingly, our class trip was to Ash End House Farm- an amazing farm with an array of animals to see and hold. We had a great day getting a tour of the farm and seeing all of the animals that were there as well as learning about life as a farmer!           

The digestive system…

This week in Science we have actually recreated the journey of food through our digestive system. This meant that we actually made poo!!! We then had a look at each of our ‘poo’ plates and discussed whether it was from a healthy or unhealthy digestive system!             

Sports Day

We had a fantastic Sports day this year. We really enjoyed the various activities that were involved and using the skills that we have learnt in PE across the year. It was great to see so many of our parents there too.