Varjack Paw Homework Questions

Well done for finding our homework blog!! Here are the questions you need to answer in full sentences:

1. Where did Varjack and his family live?

2. What relation to Varjack was Elder Paw?

3. How do you think Varjack felt when the tall man and other cats appeared? Explain your answer.

4. In what ways is Varjack different  to his family?

5. How would you describe the Father’s personality?

6. Why did Varjack want to escape to the garden?

7. Why do you think the tall man gave the cats a toy mouse?

8. Make a prediction of what you think will happen next?

Hi Baby

As part of our Real PE session today children enjoyed warming up with the activity Hi Baby. This warm up activity involves children travelling around the room in different pathways using high and low fives. Hi represents a high fives and baby represents a low five!

Varjack Paw

In guided reading today, children freeze framed different characters from our class text Varjack Paw. They considered the different relationships between the different cats and the different characters the cats possessed. The children worked in groups to create a freeze frame scene from the text.