Yoga Session

As part of Health week, children took part in a yoga session with a yoga instructor. They did a range of activities that related to their physical and mental well-being. They understood the importance of mindfulness and that having healthy mind is very important. The pupils thoroughly enjoyed the session!

Artist Session

In Art this week, pupils enjoyed a session with the Artist Sara! The theme was about different types of insects and the children had to recreate images in a variety of ways. They used watercolours, water crayons, oil pastels and pencil crayons to add colour to their superb designs. Their fabulous work will be displayed showcasing the children’s super work!

Drum Workshop

As part of Art Week, Year 4 took part in a drum workshop with Tim. They played a variety of instruments in rhythm to create different pieces of music. They each got to play different instruments including drums and shakers all contributing to a piece of music. They did a wonderful job working as a whole class.


In maths this week, children were given images of eight 3-D shapes. Their challenge was to work in pairs to arrange the shapes into a chain so that each one shares a face that is the same shape as the one that follows it. Once pupils found a chain, they challenged themselves to find another chain while some pupils managed to find a never-ending loop! The pupils really enjoyed experimenting using their shapes knowledge to identify the 2-D shapes on the faces of the 3-D shapes.

Class Assembly

Year 4 performed their Class Assembly today which had a focus on our topic ‘Food for Life’ and our key text ‘James and the Giant Peach’. The Assembly included facts about food, a food song, a shortened version of James and the Giant Peach and a Yoga routine! The children produced a wonderful performance! Well done Year 4!

Multi-Link Dogs

In maths this week, children worked together to investigate a problem involving multi-link dogs. Children had to work out how many cubes dog 1-6, 10 and 15 would be made out of. Children built the dogs out of the number of cubes specified to then identify a pattern to suggest how much the sequence was increasing by each time. Children had to identify that only the body and legs increased each time. The pupils really enjoyed building the dogs using multi-link cubes to help them to see the pattern.


In maths this week, children worked together to investigate a problem involving 5 different scripts of 6 numbers. Children had to cut the number variations out and group the numbers into the same scripts. They then had to use their reasoning skills to work out which numbers represented the same number. For example, 100 was the only 3 digit number so pupils found other scripts with 3 digits and realised that must also represent 100. The pupils really enjoyed challenging themselves to identify the correct numbers from the different scripts.


In music this week, children continued to practise playing the trumpet using a variety of notes. They had to concentrate, focus and work together to achieve a good rhythm. Today’s song choice was Mr Cool, which the children really enjoyed!

Science Senses Show

As part of Science week, pupils took part in a virtual senses show. They did a series of experiments which considered tricks that can occur with your senses. This included a tasting test which required pupils to hold their nose whilst eating a sweet. They discovered that the taste was more apparent when they released their nose! Furthermore, there was sight and touch tests which really intrigued the children!


In Maths today, pupil’s investigated different quadrilaterals and how to make different versions of them using geoboards. They looked at trapeziums, squares, rectangles, parallelograms and rhombis. Furthermore, they justified the quadrilaterals that they made by giving information about their properties.