In Literacy today, pupils considered what they already knew about refugees, what they wanted to know and then what they learnt at the end of the session. They considered what was factual about refugees and what was fictional. In addition, they discussed stereotypes and why we needed to be aware of this!

Cut it Out

In maths today, children explored equilateral triangles. They cut out different equilateral triangles and had to piece the triangles together to create a bigger equilateral triangle. They investigated using different amounts of triangles and arranging them in a particular way to make an ultimate equilateral triangle! Pupils worked really hard to create the equal sided triangle.

Guess the shape

In maths today, pupils took part in the game ‘Guess the shape’. They had to choose one shape each from a selection of 2D shapes. Then they had to question their partner based on the properties of the 2D shapes to rule out certain shapes. Whatever shape they had remaining was their partner’s shape!

Comparing Angles

In maths today, children worked together to compare and order different types of angles. They made their own angle finders using card and split pins to help order the contrasting angles. Pupils used their knowledge of acute, obtuse, right and reflex angles to help compare and order angles! They showed super knowledge and understanding!

Maths Problem

In maths today, children worked together to find a solution for a problem involving souvenirs at a market stall. They had to find the correct combination of souvenirs that was equal to a certain amount of money. Pupils used trial and error and different mathematical methods to solve this tricky problem!

Easter Experience

This afternoon, children visited St John the Baptiste Church where they took part in their Easter Experience. They revisited the Easter story and worked their way through different stations. They learnt about different parts of Christianity and the importance of Jesus. The pupils gave some fabulous answers and were excellently behaved!

Real PE

In PE this week, pupils focused on their throwing and catching skills. They worked individually, in pairs and in groups to practise this. To increase the challenge more balls were added into the group activity and children would say a person’s name and then throw the ball to another member of the group. The children had to really use their concentration to be successful with this task!


In today’s topic lesson, the children were using the programme, Turtle Logo, to develop their coding skills. The children used a variety of coding inputs to create a variety of shapes and patterns. They had a great time exploring computing, and developing their computer skills.

Gattegno Charts

In maths today, children worked together using Gattegno charts to divide, multiply, subtract and add by 10. They developed their knowledge and understanding of making a number 10 times bigger to multiply, and 10 times smaller to divide. We used counters and place value grids as well to progress learning and skills. The children wrote a set of instructions, advising how to use the skills learnt to multiply and divide by 10 with decimals. They did some great work!

Decimal Hundredths

In maths today, children worked together to create different hundredths on bead strings. They had a variety of challenge cards where they had to create different hundredths and different tenths. In addition to this, they had to answer questions about their created number. Pupils used the bead string to represent hundredths where one bead represented one hundredth!