PACT world food picnic!

KS1 ended the topic ‘World Food’ and the year by hosting a ‘World Food Picnic’. We prepared and decorated different foods from around the world including; pizzas, kebabs, chocolate marshmallows and cakes! What a lovely way to end the year by sharing delicious foods with our peers and families! Thank you parents for coming 🙂

Human skeleton

This afternoon we spent some time with ‘Fred’ the skeleton!
We learned there were 206 bones in an adult skeleton and babies have 300!
We learned the names of different bones including; cranium, mandible, clavicle, carpal, metacarpals, phalanges, femur, tibia and ulna to name a few!
We identified the skeleton gives our body structure and protects our organs.
Meet Fred below!

Phizz Lab!

This week it is our whole school’s ‘Science Week’ following the theme of ‘Journey’. We were excited to learn we would be kick starting our exciting week full of Science by visiting the Phizz Lab! In the Phizz Lab were different practical activities linked with Space! We created our own ‘moon craters’ and measured the diameter and depth of them. We used microscopes to look closely at different rocks from plants! We used glove boxes to simulate how astronauts would safely repair their space crafts in space and we used geoboards and elastic bands to re create constellations! We had a space-tastic time in the phizz lab today!

Silly Science

As part of Science week we enjoyed participating in the ‘Silly Science’ workshop! We created flames safely, discussed how energy can be converted in different ways and we set off some rockets soaring! We also talked about aerodynamics and how shapes of objects and thrust can affect how items fly. We enjoyed watching a leaf blower shoot a gigantic ball and toilet paper above and over our heads!

Star writer

This week’s Star writer is…Finn!

Finn created a clear and informative diagram of a healthy food plate! He included subheadings to separate his writing into key ideas. He included helpful and factual information and presented his work very neatly.

Well done Finn!

Making fajitas!

We have really enjoyed learning about Mexico this week!
We were particularly excited to make and devour our own Mexican fajitas!
We prepared the ingredients, chose what we wanted our filling to be and practiced folding it into a wrap which is trickier than it looks!

Star writer

This week’s Star writer is…Matthias!

Matthias created an imaginative and detailed diagram of a new transportation device for Zeraffa Giraffa! He also wrote a detailed explanation outlining his choices for his design beautifully. Well done Matthias!

Star of the week

This week’s Star of the week is…Florrie!
Florrie is a super helpful classmate! She is always willing to help both adults and her peers.
She has worked so hard this year all whilst making everyone laugh and smile.
Well done Florrie!