Thank you!

Thank you all for a fantastic year! I cannot believe how quickly it has flown by. You are all ready for year 2 now and are definitely too big to stay here with me! I hope you have an amazing summer holidays, I will see you all in September.

Star of the Year

After a lot of conversations with Mrs Gaynon, we decided that our star of the year should be… Tyler Smith! We chose him for working incredibly hard all year, both in school and at home. And for being a kind, friendly and helpful member of our class. Congratulations Tyler!

Reading for Pleasure

As part of our guided reading this week we have been enjoying having some time to read for pleasure. Yesterday to make the most of the warm weather we went outside and read in the gazebo. It was lovely to hear all of the children reading and talking about their favourite book.

World Food Picnic

To celebrate the end of our topic and the end of our school year, we created a huge picnic and invited our parents to come and join us for the afternoon. We made mini pizzas, kebabs, hummus and carrot/cucumber sticks, marshmallows dipped in chocolate and yummy cakes. Thank you to all those of you who were able to join us, it was a fantastic afternoon and I know the children all thoroughly enjoyed it.

Fun in the Phizz Lab

As part of our science week celebrations, we visited the Phizz lab to do lots of different activities relating to space. We got to look at space rocks through a microscope, shoot rockets with rocket launchers, create moon craters by dropping rocks into flour, create star constellations using geo-boards and design and colour our own space rockets! We had so much fun and all leant something new about space.

Silly Science

As part of our science week celebrations, we were lucky enough to have a visit from Professor Nitrate who showed us lots of amazing science experiments! She talked to us about lots of scientific terms and demonstrated them using fire, explosions, rockets, a leaf blower and toiler roll! We had a brilliant time and all learnt something new about science. It has inspired lots of children to think about being scientists when they are grown-ups too!

Division in Maths

This week in maths we have continued exploring division. We worked systematically with our partners to find out which number of counters up to 20 can be share equally between 3 groups. We also explored sharing out decorations on cakes, ensuring that they were equal.

Making Fajitas!

This week in topic we are learning about Mexico. Today we made our own chicken fajitas! We had to carefully cut the chicken and the peppers to put them into our wrap. Then we sprinkled on cheese and added on some salsa. Once we had learnt how to fold our wrap, we could eat our yummy fajitas!