Monday 1st June

Good morning!

Handwriting – Another join to practise and it’s a tricky one this week. You need to really take care that the letters are being formed correctly and are the right height.

Maths –This week I would like you to focus on money. I have uploaded a new topic onto the Maths with Parents website for you to explore. Please let me know if you need any support accessing the resources.

Phonics – i as in ‘kind’

History – Who was Queen Victoria?

Using the resources on BBC bitesize, I would like you to find out about Queen Victoria. When was she Queen? How long for? How old was she when she became Queen? Click here to access the videos and activities

Half Term

Next week is half term and so I won’t be posting daily home learning activities on the blog. However, if you would like to continue with some home learning, there are some ideas for different activities below that you could pick and choose from. There are also lots of ideas for home learning on our school website, click here to access those resources.

Have a lovely half term and we will see what happens on June 1st!

Stay safe, keep in touch

Miss Webster

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Friday 22nd May

Good morning and happy Friday! I hope you enjoy todays activities, as its Friday I’m sure there might be time for a little bit of golden time this afternoon.

Phonics – au

Today’s sound is one of the trickiest! And is one we practise regularly at school. Can you remember what sound ‘au’ makes? Can you think of any words with ‘au’ in? Where in a word does ‘au’ normally appear? Enjoy watching the lesson below

Maths – Shape patterns

Now you have revisited your learning about 3D and 2D shapes, I would like you to have a look at the repeating patterns below. Remember to look at them really carefully to check the shapes and the colours! Can you fill in the missing shapes? Can you make up your own patterns with a missing shape to test your grown ups?

Literacy – BBC Book Club

Today we are focussing on a book called ‘Attack of the Demon Dinner ladies’ by Pamela Butchart. Using the resources on BBC Bitesize, you can listen to extracts from the story read by footballer Jesse Lingard and will learn how to retrieve information from a text , sequence events and write an advice note for one of the characters. Click here to access the BBC resources

Thursday 21st May

Share a story – Using the website Storyline browse the stories and choose one to listen to together.

Maths – 2D shapes

List as many different 2D shapes as you can. Think about how many sides and corners each one has. You can use the sheet below to help you if you’d like.

Literacy – The Clock Tower.

Building on from yesterdays work, first re-watch ‘The Clock Tower’ video.

Computing – how games work

Have you ever wondered how computer games work? Using the resources on BBC bitesize, find out more about coding and algorithms. There are videos and games to play to help you learn. Click here to access the resources

Wednesday 20th May

Phonics – ‘ph’ sound
Before you watch today’s lesson, think of any many words with the ‘ph’ sound in as you can. Where in the word does ‘ph’ appear?

See the source image

Maths – Tangrams

Last week when I was in school with the keyworker children, we enjoyed exploring a Chinese puzzle called a tangram which encourages children to manipulative shapes to create patterns and pictures. Below I have linked a printable tangram which can be cut up into the 7 shapes so that you can have a go at creating some of the pictures. I have also found a good online tangram game which starts easy but does get quite tricky on the last few levels!

Literacy – The Clock Tower
The video below is called ‘The Clock Tower’. It is a short clip with no words telling a story of a dancer. There are instructions as to when to pause the video and ask questions, there are no correct answers, just use the questions as prompts for discussion as you watch together.

Science – push, pull or twist?
Pushing, pulling and twisting are all types of forces that you use everyday. What can you think of that needs you to push? It could be a door or a toy. What about pulling? Or twisting? Take a look at the resources on BBC bitesize to find out more about these 3 forces.

Tuesday 19th May

Handwriting- After practising the join ‘il’ yesterday, today I would like you to practise the join within some words. Can you think of any other words with ‘il’ in?

Maths – 3D shapes
We last learnt about shape in the beginning of the Autumn term so this will be a good opportunity to revisit and see what you can remember. We loved listening to the 3D shape song below but be warned… it will be stuck in your head for days!

Try to find examples of these 3D shapes in your house – cube, cone, sphere, cylinder, cuboid. Once you have found them, have a go at describing them using the star words “edges, faces, vertices”. I have uploaded a colouring by 3D shapes activity below

See the source image

Literacy – Royal Tea
Benjamin Zephaniah is a famous poet from Birmingham. What is a poet? Listen to him reciting his poet ‘Royal Tea’. What did you like about the poem? What did you dislike about the poem? Can you think of questions for Benjamin Zephaniah about his visit to the palace? Remember to use question marks in your writing.

Geography – Australia

Today I would like you to use the BBC bitesize resources to learn about one of the 7 continents, Australia / Oceania. Before you start, think about what you know already. Where in the world is Australia? What is the weather like? What animals live there? Have you ever been there before? I have never been but would love to go one day! Click here to access the BBC resources, there are videos and activities to complete to help you to develop your knowledge. There is also an activity showing you how to draw a native Australian animal, I have linked the file below.

Monday 18th May

Good morning and happy Monday! The start of another week and fingers crossed it’ll be a sunny one.

Handwriting – Another join to practise! This week it is ‘il’ Take care to make sure that your letters are still the correct height.

Maths – Shape I have uploaded another topic onto the Maths with Parents website. This week the focus is shape, both 2D and 3D. If you haven’t yet signed up for the website, please see an earlier post or email me and I will let you know how to do so.

Literacy – Using phonics for writing
Using the resources on BBC bitesize, I would like you to refresh your phonics knowledge by playing the minigame and then complete the 3 different activities. Can you remember what the different graphemes are? Can you think of and find items in your house that contain those graphemes? Click here to access the resources

History – Queen Elizabeth I

Today I would like you to do some history work and find out about Queen Elizabeth I. When was she Queen? How long for? How many languages could she speak? Can you find out any more interesting facts? There are videos and activities to support this learning on BBC bitesize including a clip from Horrible Histories.

Fantastic Work!

Well done for another super week of home learning, its great to see your smiley faces. I have also seen that lots of you have been busy practising your super spellers this week, I think we will have lots of badges to give out when we get back to school!

Friday 15th May

Good morning and happy Friday! Another week has flown by

Phonics – Phase 5. Today for phonics I would like you to explore some of the games available on ‘Phonics Play’. Access to this website is still free for all parents and carers, log in information is found on the website home page. Once logged in, click on resources and then phase 5 and explore some of the different games and activities. There are lots to choose from! Click here to access the website

Maths – Fractions
After lots of practise of halves and then quarters this week, today it’s time to practise both! Have a look at the sheet below and see if you can colour in half and a quarters of the fruit. I have also attached a range of other worksheets aimed at supporting understanding of halves and quarters for you to have a go at if you’d like to.

Literacy – ‘Cake’ by Sue Hendra and Paul Linnet
In class, the children loved reading the Supertato books in our reading corner and today’s book is by the same author. Using the resources on BBC bitesize, I would like you to listen to the extracts from the book and then complete the activities by thinking about the feelings of the characters and putting the events of the story in order. This is a great activity for developing comprehension of a book as it challenges the children to really listen and take in what’s being read!

Click here to access the resources.

Once you have finished the BBC bitesize activities, you could watch the full reading of the story below, please be careful of any adverts.

And as its Friday, perhaps you could do a quick practise of 5 tricky super speller words before you enjoy some golden time this afternoon! Have a great weekend, please send any additional photos from this week to so that I can put them onto the blog

Thursday 14th May

Phonics – ‘aw’ sound
Watch this live lesson on youtube which recaps the sounds you already know and teaches the ‘aw’ sound. What words can you think of with the ‘aw’ sound? Can you use them in a sentence?

Maths – fractions. So far this week you have done lots of practise of halving amounts but today I would like you to think about quarters. Again, using a small object that can be easily moved around such as pasta or lego pieces. Count out 16 pieces and then share between 4 people. Remember, each part has to be equal! How many pieces do you have each? What is a quarter of 16? Can you try this for 4, 8, 12, 20?

Literacy – Using exclamation marks. Click here to access the BBC bitesize resources for today. There are videos and activities aimed at teaching you how to use an exclamation mark correctly. You will have chance to practise using them by writing some super sentences.

Computing – What is coding?

At school, using the laptops and bee-bots are always a very popular activity. In year 1, we have to start learning about coding and how these machines work, but how? Click here to access the BBC bitesize resources which include a simple video which explains what coding is. There are then 2 fun games which allow you to practise using your coding skills to save Ranger Jack’s zoo!