´╗┐Parts of the body!

In computing this week we have been exploring parts of the body. We used our knowledge of parts of the body and our computer skills to be able to create a drawing and label it with the correct names for parts of the body. We used a child friendly piece of software, Purple Mash to be able to create. We worked with our partner to create these images. 

Numbers to 10!

In our maths lessons we have been practising how to show our understanding of 1:1 correspondence when counting within 10. We had to place cubes on top of groups of images, counting carefully. We then moved on to representing these numbers using counters on a ten frame. We played a game with our partners where we had to place a number of counters onto a ten frame and our partner had 3 seconds to memorise the arrangement and try to copy it onto their ten frame. We had to use our quick, careful counting skills to do this successfully!

In the sink!

In literacy today we have been exploring the kitchen sink. In the Power of Reading text, Traction Man ventures out of his box to explore the house. With his scuba outfit on Traction Man finds himself meeting creatures in the sink. We used our imagination to come up with what sea creatures different objects and food could be in our classroom sink. We put our hands in the sink to feel what was in there.

First week in Year 1!

Welcome to year 1. What a week we have had. We have enjoyed and settled in well into the speedy routine of KS1. Miss Wheeler has spoken to us about rules, jobs and how things will be in year 1. We have enjoyed going onto the ks1 playground and getting the chance to explore. We have got our home places sorted, our class rules and new books to work in. We have also started writing in our topic books. Miss Wheeler was really impressed with our high standard of work already.

WOW day – Superheroes!

For our first WOW day in year 1 we recalled a long list of superheroes we knew. We then used these to inspire us to design our own superhero popcorn.. We then used our inspiration to design and describe our very own superhero, thinking about what powers we would have and who our enemy would be. We also identified how many superheroes we could see in our superhero scene. We then got to watch a superhero film and enjoy our superhero popcorn for the afternoon.