Music Workshop

Today we had a visit from Tim at Rhythmicity! He came in to work with us to complete a fun and engaging drum workshop named, Sammy the Spider. His workshop enabled us to work as a team, listen to rhythms and use music equipment effectively and correctly. We loved the characters as well as creating rhythms for each of the animals names we got to meet; we had Gary the Gorilla, Charlie the Camel, Elsie the Elephant and the Giraffappotimus. We has such fun and created some super rhythms.

Meet our future selves

This week we thought about what our future might look like; what job we might have, anything we would like to achieve, what kind of person we might be. We discussed how we are all different and have different answers to these questions and how great that is! We then made puppets of our future selves and shared them with the rest of the class.

Trying Chinese Food

Today as part of our world food topic, we learnt about Chinese food and even had the opportunity to taste some. Before we could do that though, we first had to learn how to use chopsticks. We practised by playing a game where we had to move small objects in and out of a bowl. We then got to try prawn crackers, spring rolls, chow mein noodles and rice. It was difficult to eat with chopsticks but we all enjoyed the food. It was great to see so many children trying something new and enjoying it!


Today in maths we learnt about another type of measure – capacity. We looked at a range of containers and made predictions about which we thought would have the greatest/smallest capacity. The we tested them – first using rice and then using water. We learnt how to compare the capacity of containers by tipping the contents from one into another. We then ordered the containers from the smallest capacity to the greatest and used our star words to explain our understanding.

News Flash!

Today in literacy we have been continuing our learning related to the text, Pattan’s Pumpkin. We have been discussing and responding to the text by acting in role as a news reporter. We watched some examples of how news reporters talk, what they report on and how they present themselves. This then helped with our acting of being a news reporter.

World Food WOW day

Today we celebrated the start of our new topic with a WOW day!

We got to ride with Webster Airways, we showed our passport to the stewardesses and then we checked in with our boarding passes. Once we were on board we were shown the in-flight safety video and enjoyed our flight to Greece.

We had a fantastic day; we got to explore a range of foods from Greece, we also got to prepare and taste a Greek salad. Lots of us were very brave and tried out new foods such as olives and feta cheese. We used our money knowledge to find out what coins we needed to buy our in-flight snacks.

Science Week

To start our exciting science week, we went to the Phiz Lab and had the opportunity to explore a range of different investigations. We used our scientific skills as we created circuits, explored forces and friction, created boats that could float, chose materials that were opaque to block out light and found which materials were magnetic and non-magnetic.

Clay Flower Sculptures

We have been learning about the famous artist, Marc Quinn. We learnt that he is most famous for his huge, brightly coloured sculptures of flowers which are display in gardens across the world. We used air-dry clay to create our own sculptures, thinking carefully about how to design, shape and cut our clay to make it look like a flower. Once it had dried, we used acrylic paint to make them bright and colourful. After they had dried, we thought reviewed our sculptures thinking about what we had done successfully and what we might do differently next time.

Money Puzzle

Today we explored a puzzle which meant we had to do lots of addition and subtraction of coins. Each row or column had a total we had to try and reach. We used bead strings to help us to add the different amounts together and worked collaboratively with our partners to try and work out a solution.