First Week in 1LW!

We have had such a wonderful first week in 1LW. We have been enjoying and exploring our new classroom and playground. We have really impressed Miss Wheeler with our behaviours, attitudes and learning. She was astounded with how much we had remembered, our phonics, our numbers and how beautifully we write our name and sentences. We are definitely ready for year 1.

Sammy the Spider!

Today we had a visit from Tim at Rhythmicity! He came in to work with us to complete a fun and engaging drum workshop named, Sammy the Spider. His workshop enabled us to work as a team, listen to rhythms and use music equipment effectively and correctly. We loved the characters as well as creating rhythms for each of the animals names we got to meet; we had Gary the Gorilla, Charlie the Camel, Elsie the Elephant and the Giraffappotimus. We has such fun and created some super rhythms.


This week was Mexico week! We learnt about which Continent Mexico is on, the language they speak and what sort of foods they eat. We really enjoyed learning how to prepare and make our own yummy fajitas. We had the choice of chicken, plant based chicken, lettuce, peppers, cheese, salsa, guacamole and soured cream. Once we had made our fajitas we took them outside to enjoy on the field. We really enjoyed them, they were delicious!

Our Future!

This week we have thought about what our future might look like; what job we might have, anything we would like to achieve, what kind of person we might be. We discussed how we are all different and have different answers to these questions and how great that is! We then made puppets of our future selves and shared them with the rest of the class.


In D&T this week we have been learning all about China. We found out which Continent Chins is in, it’s capital city and that is has a huge population of 1.35 billion people. We found out what their flag looks like and even got to write our names in Chinese. We also made a Chinese lantern, learnt about Chinese meal etiquette and finally got to try various Chinese food options. We then scored them out of 10. It was a fantastic day, we loved trying the food and learning all about China!

Food around the World!

For geography this week we have explored food from around the 7 Continents of the world. We learnt about different foods from around the world and placed them on the correct Continent. We recalled the 7 Continents using previous knowledge and an atlas to help us locate them on a map. We identified each Continent and coloured them in using the key provided.


In maths this week we have started a new unit of work, capacity. So far this week we have sensibly estimated how many non-standard units it would take to fit various pots, cups and bowls. We used rice and water to estimate and compare how many cups it would take to fill each pot. We also combined a bit of science, knowing that rice has more particles so is less cups than water which has less particles. 

Pattan’s Pumpkin!

In literacy this week we  have continued reading the lovely text, Pattan’s Pumpkin. We have been using our knowledge of the suffix, ‘er’ to help us write sentences, for example, ‘Pattan’s pumpkin was bigger than the elephant.’ We have also given Pattan some advice on what to do with the animals. Not only that, we also got to act in role of Pattan and think about what he might say and what he might do.


This week we learnt about Shabbat. We enjoyed watching a video of a family celebrating Shabbat together.

The children learned about the importance of lighting the candle and the blessing at the start of the ceremony. They also learned about the special sweet Challah bread and saw how the family shared a meal together, read from the Torah, sang songs and enjoyed time together. They watched how the father said a blessing over the wine or grape juice from the Kuddush cup and poured it into little cups for the family to share. Shabbat is the way that Jewish people thank God for giving them a day of rest.

We then had our very own Shabbat meal and lit a candle before sharing the wine (squash) and bread with each other. It felt very special to spend time eating together in the classroom.

We then had a go at labelling all the special features of the Shabbat table.

WOW day – World Food!

Our WOW day was for our topic World Food. We got to ride with 1W Airways, we showed our passport to the stewardesses and then we checked in with our boarding passes. Once we were on board we were shown the in-flight safety video and enjoyed our flight to Greece. We had a fantastic day; we got to explore a range of foods from Greece, we also got to prepare and taste a Greek salad. Whilst enjoying the food related film, Ratatouille. We used our money knowledge to find out what coins we needed to buy in-flight snacks.