Breaking News!

Today in literacy we have been continuing our learning related to the text, Pattan’s Pumpkin. We have been discussing and responding to the text by acting in role as a news reporter. We watched some examples of how news reporters talk, what they report on and how they present themselves. This then helped with our acting of being a news reporter.

World Foods WOW day

Monday 13th June

Our WOW day was for our topic World Food.

We got to ride with 1W Airways, we showed our passport to the stewardesses and then we checked in with our boarding passes. Once we were on board we were shown the in-flight safety video and enjoyed our flight to Greece.

 We had a fantastic day; we got to explore a range of foods from Greece, we also got to prepare and taste a Greek salad. We had to use knives carefully to chop each of the ingredients. We also used our money knowledge to find out what coins we needed to buy our in-flight snacks.

Making biplanes

This week we have been learning about the Wright brothers and how their invention of the biplane changed how people and food were able to be transported around the world. First, we chose 2 different colours of acrylic paint to paint our wooden peg and lollypop sticks. When they were dry, we added details using felt tip pens and then glued them together to create the planes. We are going to hang them up to display in our classroom, they look brilliant!

On your marks… get set.. go!

In PE today we were working on our reaction skills in relation to running races. We took in in turns to run a race starting in different positions e.g. on our knees, sitting, on our backs etc and had to get up as quickly as we could when we heard the whistle and run the race. We all had so much fun and are very excited for the races on Sports Day.

Using clay

In art this week we are learning about London born artist, Marc Quinn. We found out that some of his most famous work is creating huge flower sculptures. We have decided to use clay to create our own flower sculptures and once they are dry next week, we will be adding lots of bright colours and patterns just like Marc Quinn.

Trip to Conkers

We had a fantastic school trip to Conkers today. It was our first school trip ever and so we were very excited to be taking our learning outside of the classroom. First we went on the Conkerchoo train to take us to the waterside part of the park. We completed an activity with a ranger who talked to us all about the different types of seed dispersal and we enjoyed finding different examples on the trees as we moved around the site. We then had to decorate a butterfly to demonstrate our learning which we are able to take home. After a quick snack, we played in a huge outdoor play area and loved going on the zipwire and long slide. Then it was time for the most exciting part of the day… lunch! After we had eaten we went back on the Conkerchoo train and explored the fairy maze and the exhibits inside.

Overall we had a very busy but brilliant day and I was so proud of how the children represented our class. Best day ever!


For this half term in PE, we are lucky to have a sports coach with us to help develop our skills. We have been learning athletics and this week were focussing on different jumps. We worked with partners to come up with creative ways to jump in and out of a hoop and enjoyed sharing our ideas with our friends.

Parts of a flower

This week in science we explored the main parts of a flower; the petals, stem, leaves and roots. We looked closely at a range of different flowers and located each part. We noticed how the look different on different types of flower. We also discussed the function of each part and how they help the flower to survive. 

We then used our creative skills to make a model to show the different parts of a flower. We had to create our own labels to name each of the different parts.