Pattan’s Pumpkin

This week in literacy we have continued reading the story of Pattan’s Pumpkin. To end our learning of this wonderful text we have been writing a diary entry from the perspective of Kanni, we have created a story map to recall all of the key parts to the story and we have become news reporters interviewing Pattan. Super stuff!


This week for D&T we have been making fajitas! To start the week off we got to design our fajita then make it with ingredients such as peppers, cheese, chicken, salsa, guacamole and not forgetting the wrap. Some of us added ingredients that we hadn’t’ tried before and were surprised that we liked them. Once we had enjoyed our fajitas we learnt some interesting facts about Mexico. We found out that they speak Spanish, that it is in North America and that they have a celebration called Day of the Dead. 

WOW Day – World Food!

Our WOW day was for our topic World Food.

We got to ride with 1LW Airways, we showed our passport to the stewardesses and then we checked in with our boarding passes. Once we were on board we were shown the in-flight safety video and enjoyed our flight to Greece.

 We had a fantastic day; we got to explore a range of foods from Greece, we also got to prepare and taste a Greek salad. Whilst enjoying the food related film, Ratatouille. We also used our money knowledge to find out what coins we needed to buy our in-flight snacks.

Art with Georgie & Jo!

As part of Art Week we were very lucky to have a visit from a two local artists and art teachers, Georgie and Jo. They came in to work with us to create a piece of art inspired by Frank Bowling’s art, Night Journey. We used pages from a book to created colour and vibrant blocks of colour. First we used coloured tissue paper squares and stuck them on the book page, then we used poster paint and a range of printing materials and printed colourful shapes on top. To complete our pieces of art we then used a range of shaped objects (corks, toilet rolls and cardboard) to create shape patterns on the top. We loved the layers and depth each artistic method gave us and cant wait to see the final piece.

Drumming with Tim!

This week we have had a visit from Tim at Rhythmicity! He came in to work with us to complete a fun and engaging drum workshop named, Drum Circle. We each had an instrument and were given the saying of ‘I like fish and chips’ to help create a rhythm. We listened to Tim who modelled it to us first and then had a go. Then we used parts of the saying to create a rhythm as a whole class. We then then used the syllables in our name to create a rhythm with drums, maracas and the cow bell. We worked really well collaboratively, Time was ace and we have a super time!

The Sunflower

This week in art we have been learning about the famous artist, Vincent Van Gogh. To kick start our learning, we have learnt some interesting facts all about Van Gogh, like where he was born, how he became an artist etc. We then created a incredible piece of art in the style of Van Gogh of the Sunflowers. We took our time to create observational drawings first of each detail and then used a range of yellows and browns to complete the painting. Let us know what you think!

PE with Miss Johns!

This week in PE we have been improving our agility. We have been exploring our jumping skills, using a range of jumps to help us improve our balance and co-ordination. Miss Johns was really impressed with the range of jumps that we came up with, with our partner. She helped us have a fun and engaging session and helped us push ourselves with our skills.

WOW Day – Awesome Artists!

Today we started our new topic, ‘Awesome Artists’ with a fun WOW day. We also introduced our science focus for this half term which is plants and flowers. In maths we revisited our learning on the properties of 2D shapes and enjoyed creating shape pictures using different shapes. We named as many common garden and wild flowers as we could and went on a walk around the school grounds to see what we could find. We then planted our own seeds and are excited to watch them grow. We drew and labelled 5 different flowers and used water colour paints to show the different colour petals. Finally we decorated flower biscuits, making them bright and colourful; good enough to eat!

The Smartest Giant in Town!

This week in literacy we have been reading the lovely story of The Smartest Giannt in Town by Julia Donaldson. We were inspired to become authors and created our own stories in the style of Julia Donaldson. We created new characters and items of clothing and used language from her story. We created illustrations to match our writing. We were very proud of ourselves, Miss Wheeler said she could cry with happiness!

Deciduous & Evergreen Trees!

For science this week we have been learning about evergreen and deciduous trees. We went on a tree hunt around school and found that there were a selection of both types of trees. We learnt about the four seasons, Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter and learnt that deciduous trees lose their leaves in Autumn and Winter but evergreen trees keep their green leaves through all four seasons.