We skyped our partner school Marcel Bene in France. We were able to ask them questions in French and they asked us questions in English to practice our language skills. It was a great opportunity for us all and we enjoyed taking part. 

Planning a journey…

Today in maths/computing we learned how to use google maps to plan a journey to Marcel Bene, our French partner school. We decided by which mode of transportation we were going to travel by and the route we were going to take. We mapped our journey in miles and km. 

Refugee Week 2018

Today is national refugee day! Yesterday we found out more about the lives of refugees and migrants. We completed a challenge from the British Council which made us think more about current issues with migration. 

We also found out that Rita Ora is a refugee and watched an interview about her experiences. 


This week year 6 have been exploring this issue as in France, they are banning mobile phones in all schools from 2018. Therefore we carried out our own poll and research into this issue. Here were some of our findings –

53% of year 5/6 pupils at HPS believe that phones should be allowed in schools. This is compared to 0% of teachers who think phones should be allowed in schools. This shows us that pupils are more in favour of mobile phone usage in schools than teachers. Only 2% of pupils in year 5/6 thought we should not have phones in school.

Year 6 did a super job working out all the percentages.

Here we are writing our balanced arguments in literacy.

Current Issues in Parliament

Today we started learning about an area of our choice relating to our topic ‘Yes Minister’. Some people chose to find out more about the political parties, some people chose to research the houses of parliament and many of us found out more about Brexit. We are displaying our findings on our classroom display.