Artist Workshop

As part of art week, we took part in a fantastic workshop from local art teacher, Sara. The theme was patterns in nature and we practised really looking at the subject we were drawing before committing anything to paper. Our art turned out rather beautifully!

Year 6 Elections

Today marked a monumental day in Year 6 history; the first class general election! All parties presented their election campaign speech to the rest of the class before a vote was taken! Our winning party was the Rights 4 Life party who were campaigning for an end to racism and homophobic abuse. Coming in just one vote less was the Red Party who were campaigning for a healthier Britain! All parties however were amazing – it was a tough choice!

How we see

In Science this week, we started our new topic of light and discovered that light travels in straight lines. We used torches and mirrors to show this before creating our own diagrams.

Timeline Research

While some of Year 6 have gone to PGL, the remaining children have worked really hard and had a great time in school. We worked as a team to create a GIANT timeline of events, spanning from 1066 right up to the present day. We filled it with Monarchs, inventions, art works, significant events and entertainment! Super work Sixes! 🙂