Squashed Tomatoes

Following on from our Ditch the Dirt challenge from Practical Action during Science Week, we thought that we would have a go at another challenge called ‘Squashed Tomatoes’. In teams, the children built something that would transport tomatoes safely down the mountainside in Nepal without damaging them. Overall, we didn’t get many damaged tomatoes though it took some serious engineering skills to think about how to attach it to the pulley system!

British Farming

We had an exciting visit from Farmer Rosie and Jane yesterday who came from Greatworth Hall Farm to talk to us about British farming. We learnt all about the types of British Farming and especially about the types of farming that happen at their farm.

Journey into the Space Lab

Linked to this weeks Science focus of journeys, we took a tour of the activities set up in the Space Lab! We have a go at making moon craters and investigating diameter and depth of different meteorites. We also made constellations on geoboards, investigated orbits, drew a solar system that could fit in our pocket and blasted a rocket!

Silly Science

We really enjoyed having a real scientist in today for science week showing us different experiments. Professor Sulphate-Nitrate taught us all about fire, explosions, gravity, aerodynamic and being streamlined and we were able to see them in action in various scientific activities. It was great fun seeing how each scientific theory was shown practically!

From Farm to Fork

We have had an amazing day visiting Ash End Farm today! First, we had a tour of the allotments and learnt all about the different produce that was growing there. We learnt about seasonality and when to plant different items. Afterwards, we visited the paddock and then the creepy critter barn where we saw snakes, lizards and even spiders! Following a spot of lunch, we were then shown around the farm by farmer Jenny. We learnt all about where our food comes from and even had a go at milling our own flour! Finally, we got to feed the animals.

Ash End Farm

Our exciting trip to Ash End Farm is tomorrow! Please send your child in trousers/jeans (no shorts or skirts please) with trainers and school uniform top, a packed lunch in a disposable bag and a named water bottle, a sun hat and a waterproof jacket (just in case!) and ensure that sun cream has been applied before school.

The children are expected back at school for normal collection, we will inform you of any traffic delays.


Disgusting Digestion!

This week in Science we have actually recreated the journey of food through our digestive system. This meant that we actually made poo!!! We then had a look at each of our ‘poo’ plates and discussed whether it was from a healthy or unhealthy digestive system!

Inspecting the ‘toilet bowls’!

What’s your strategy?

In Maths, we talked about the different strategies we could use to mentally add two 2 digit numbers together. Lots of us identified the near multiple of ten and rounded one half the equation up or down to the multiple of ten and then adjusted the other side accordingly.