Setting Descriptions

This week in Literacy, we have been writing setting descriptions! We have been using inspiration from A Christmas Carol to write them. We needed to try and include descriptive language, prepositions, personification and similes!

These were some of the sentences we created as a class:

Frosty air that is full of smoke and dust fills my lungs.

Star light street lamps flicker like a tiger’s stripes while people excitedly chatter as they pass.

As people joyfully walk down the narrow street, you can hear the sound of the crunchy, glimmering, sparkling snow.

As the immense carriages rock across the snow, which glimmers like lava, you can hear the sound of the old, rusty wheels shuffling round and the horses quickly trotting.

Column Subtraction

Today in Maths, we worked on our column subtraction again but this time we were looking to spot which calculations needed regrouping. From a table of calculations, we have to find at least one example of the following:

  • Regrouping from the tens to the ones
  • Regrouping from the hundred to the tens
  • Regrouping from both the hundreds and the tens

We worked in pairs to complete the hunt, solving the equations as we went!

The Brightest Torch

In Science we have been looking at the different strengths of a torch and how bright they are. We used different types of scientific enquiry to gather and record data and carried out a simple comparative test between the torches. We used data loggers to measure the brightness of each torch to record in our results before writing a conclusion on our findings. We discussed how light is needed to see things and that dark is the absence of light.