Question Time

Look at the image below and answer the questions underneath.

  • Where did her journey begin?
  • Why was it ‘unexpected’?
  • Where will she go on her adventure?
  • What different things will she encounter?
  • How will she get back home?
  • How might she be feeling about the adventure?
  • What will her parents be thinking?
  • Would you like to go on an adventure like this? Perhaps you can write about it!

Warwickshire Fire and Rescue Activity

Can you write down your own bed time routine and list all of the things you need to check before you go to bed, the video will help you learn what you can do as part of a good bed time routine. You can display it at home to follow every evening before bed.  This can be done on paper and you can colour it in to make it stand out and to remind everyone in your home to ensure it has been completed. You can take a photo of your Bed time routine and send it to