We had our very first Spanish lesson today with Senora Horncastle. We learnt all about where Spain is located and the regions it is split into. We then started to practise basic greetings. We have copies of these in our homework book so we can practise them at home!

Comparing numbers

In Maths today we played a really exciting game where we used our place value skills. We rolled dice to generate a two-digit number and then had to place in a number sentence using < and >. We played it competitively against our partners, trying to block them by placing our number strategically! Some of us were very sneaky with where we put our numbers!

Representing Numbers

In Maths today we thought about what we knew about different numbers and how we could represent this. We created colourful mind maps to show our understanding and then had a walking gallery where we looked at each other’s posters and the representations that we have chosen. Lots of us used tallies, number lines, bar charts as well money and place value charts. Marvellous maths!

Music Lessons

It was great to meet our new music teacher this week, Mr Cottrell. We will be learning to play brass instruments each Monday with him and this week he showed us some examples! He played the trombone, trumpet and the tuba before testing out our rhythm with a clapping game!