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Art workshop!

Today we were very lucky as an artist came in to school to complete an art workshop with us. There was a variety of activities to do with a focus on the patterns in nature; some of us used colouring pencils to replicate a peacock feather and others used pastels and watercolours to recreate snail shells and flowers. Children from every year group completed the peacock feather and the artist is going to use them to create one giant peacock! We can’t wait to see it the finished piece!

What happened to Earhart?

Today in themed learning we looked at our Wonder Woman: Amelia Earhart. We looked at Earhart’s achievements and the mystery over her disappearance. As historians we analysed sources of information to decide whether they were reliable or unreliable based on the facts and evidence provided. We then created our own paper aeroplanes and as mathematicians measured how far they travelled. We altered and improved our designs after first launch in an attempt to make them travel further!

Drum circle – Art Week

During art week, we got to attend a drum circle workshop. We got to play the shakers, the drums and the cow bells. We played a range of different beats to different themes, for example “I like fish and chips, what we had for breakfast and our full names! We played like superstars – check out our performance following the QR code on this week’s learning letter or our class blog!


Today in science we explored pollination – a part of the flowering part life cycle. We looked at different ways in which pollination occurs and mapped these out. We then had to create a small piece of drama to demonstrate one method of pollination. These were great fun to create and even funnier to watch! Super Science team 3CH

Rylee and Dom sharing their interpretation of wind pollination

How does water transport through plants?

As scientists this week, we have been investigating how water is transported up the stem. We have been investigating using celery and coloured water to observe what happens when water is transported through the plant! We observe them at three different points and noticed that after a day the leaves and stem started to change colour. Underneath the celery we could see the dark circles, we identified these as the xylem which are tiny tubes the water travels through to reach the leaves.

Check out our popping pop-art

In Art this week, we have been looking at art work produced by Andy Warhol. We also looked at what complementary colours were and how we can consider our colour combinations to make our work pop even more. Our pop-art was based upon three of our wonder women – Greta Thunberg, Amelia Earhart and Rosa Parks.

Sunflower growing

We have started our plants topic with exploring the different parts of a flower and describing its function. We are really excited to be looking after our own sunflowers over the summer term! We will water them and observe them over the next few weeks, measuring their height to track their growth!

Science competition – an egg-cellent time!

Thursday 10th June 2021

Our science competition “During a worldwide pandemic, many countries are in need of the vaccine and it is crucial that it gets to everyone. Some parts of different counties are very remote and other only way to get the vaccine to the people there is by drone. The drone can’t land so the vaccines need to be dropped and land safely. Your task is to design something to ensure that the vaccines are kept safe and not break when landing.”

The designs we saw were great and we had an egg-cellent time testing them out to assess their suitability!