Science competition – an egg-cellent time!

Thursday 10th June 2021

Our science competition “During a worldwide pandemic, many countries are in need of the vaccine and it is crucial that it gets to everyone. Some parts of different counties are very remote and other only way to get the vaccine to the people there is by drone. The drone can’t land so the vaccines need to be dropped and land safely. Your task is to design something to ensure that the vaccines are kept safe and not break when landing.”

The designs we saw were great and we had an egg-cellent time testing them out to assess their suitability!

Virtual science show

As part of science week, we attended a virtual science senses show where we took part in a variety of different experiments that were linked to our senses. Some of these included the arm evolution test, checking pupil reflexes, the stuck ring finger, identifying our blind spot and the floaty arms effect. We learnt lots of new things about our senses and can’t wait to share our new scientific knowledge with others!

Science week experimenting!

Today we took part in a carousel of activities for science week; we had great fun watching the reactions which occurred as we experimented scientifically. The experiments we did were: Rainbow rain, fizzing potion, skittle colour run, germ spreader, twirly whirly art show, and microscope mysteries!

Congo river rafts

In our themed learning, we created a water raft to travel down the river Congo in. We were supplied with some resources such as tree trunks (lollipop sticks) and tape. The rest of the resources we had to source ourselves from our local area. We considered how best to combine these materials to make a suitable raft which floats. We then tested to see how much weight our rafts could hold.

Animal boogie silent disco!

This afternoon Year 3 danced like the true party animals they are in our silent disco event for our WoW day! 2 hours of non-stop boogying; we had the best time celebrating the end of a fantastic unit together! It could not have been any better, but we are definitely exhausted now! Rest up you crazy animals for one last half-term together!

Flex those muscles!

Today in science we create our own model muscle arms to support is in understanding how muscles work in pairs. Using our prior knowledge of skeletal bones we labelled the bones in our arm and used one coloured elastic band to represent the bicep and another to represent the tricep. We saw what happened when our muscle relaxes and contracts as we move our arms up and down! Super scientists shine again!

Four digit fun!

In maths today we engaged in a range of activities to support us in comparing and ordering four digit numbers. We discussed the importance of looking at the thousand digit first when comparing and then the hundreds. To start off we rolled four digit numbers using dice and we had to make a greater number than our partner in order to win. We considered the place value of each digit to generate the biggest numbers, making careful and tactical place value swaps. Then we played another game using number flashcards, we had to place these on a ladder and with each turn we had to consider where on the ladder it could or would go! To finish off we played a game of beat the teacher to try and beat Miss Howarth in this ladders game!

Down in the Congo where nobody goes…

Today in our themed learning, we have been looking at a different rainforest – The Congo. We learnt lots of interesting facts about the rainforest, specifically looking at the geographical location, the Congo River and all it’s different species, birdlife and plants. Miss Howarth loves a double page spread and wow didn’t we create some FAN-TAS-TIC ones! Super proud of us!

Circle and Shapes

In dance we have been exploring making shapes and circles and finding ways of joining them together. We worked with a partner to create a short sequence of movements. We decided which sort of music we preferred and performed our sequence.

Endangered animals zoo

In our themed learning we have been looking at reasons for why animals become endangered and which animals are classified as endangered. We designed our own ‘Endangered Zoo’ which features a map of the zoo and the reasons why the animals here are endangered.