Anyone for Tennis?

We are very lucky to have Miss Johns from Harris School Sports Partnership working with us in during our PE lessons this half term.

We are developing our tennis skills and today we worked on our reactions times and practised some basic tennis skills. We are really looking forward to working with Miss Johns over the next few weeks and building up to becoming excellent tennis players.

Comparing and Ordering Numbers

To help us compare and order numbers we played two exciting games.  The first was called Place-Value Battle.  We threw a nine-sided dice and had to decide which column of the place value chart to put the number to make a four-digit number greater than our partner. 

Then we played Ladders!  We had to place a four-digit number card in a free space on the ladder.  In each ladder, the numbers had to be in ascending order from the bottom to the top.  The player to place the last card on the ladder was the winner!

Circles and Shapes

In dance we have been exploring making shapes and circles and finding ways of joining them together. We worked with a partner to create a short sequence of movements. We decided which sort of music we preferred and performed our sequence.