Line drawing

In art we have been looking at line drawings. We looked at simple style line drawings for flowers, leaves and also cacti. We had a challenge to draw a flower by not taking our pencil off the paper – this was tricky but we learned that each time we tried again, we improved!

3D shape construction

Today we explored a range of three dimensional shapes. To start with we identified the shape names of different shapes and then began to use the star words to describe the properties we identified. We

considered our prior knowledge of perpendicular and parallel line and different types of angles to expand our explanations. We learnt how to count the edges and vertices of these shapes too, making sure we were careful counters and identified them all! After this, we used our knowledge of 3D shapes to construct our own using art straws. This was a tricky task but 3CH rose to the challenge; working mathematically in our partners we began making the shapes faces and then joining them to create the edges.

Botanical garden trip 2022

We had a great time at the Birmingham Botanical Gardens on Friday. We engaged in two challenges a Japanese challenge and a Rainforest one. This involved us working on our teamwork skills to find the answers to a quiz in the Japanese and Bonsai gardens and then solving clues to find out the names of a range of tropical and subtropical plants. At lunch we had great fun playing on the playground too! I think it is also fair to say we REALLY enjoyed the coach trip there and back haha!

Powerful printing: flowers

In art, we have been using kitchen utensils to print. We experimented with different utensils and then thought about how we could arrange and organise the pattern to create flowers in line with our blooming gorgeous topic. We enjoyed getting creative and thought our vibrant artwork really ‘popped’ when completed on black paper! A lovely job year 3!

Angle making!

Today, with our angle makers in hand, we identified different angles within shapes. We learnt what a right-angle was and then marked the angles on the shapes using a square or an arc. Whilst exploring a range of polygons, we noticed that the number of sides of the shape correlated with the number of angles that shape had! Some super maths work this morning year 3!