Incredible Investigation

In Science today, we carried out our own investigation. We were investigating whether having longer legs resulted in someone being able to jump further. We considered our prediction, how we would make this a fair test, which variables needed to change or stay the same and recorded our results accurately using metre sticks and rulers. Children enjoyed taking their learning outside and seeing whether our hypothesis was true before writing up our conclusions! Well done 3CS, you’re all super scientists!


In RE last week, we looked at reflections and how people use them when praying. We took time to discuss and consider reflecting on our own lives and considering what we are grateful for, what we could have improved on and hopes for the future. Children then wrote their chosen reflection on a water lily design and then folded the petals in so that the reflection was covered. We then put our water lilies into the water and like magic, they unfolded to show our reflections! This was a fun way to show children how reflecting and opening up is important.

Wonderful Wonder Women WOW Day

Last Friday, we enjoyed celebrating our last Topic Wow Day of year 3! Hard to believe! We based our day around a wonder woman, Yayoi Kusama. Yayoi is a Japanese artist who is nicknamed the ‘princess of polka dots’ due to polka dots featuring in all of her artwork! We participated in a range of activities such as creating a 3D room inspired by the artist and painting our very own vases in her style to take home with us! We really enjoyed our day!

Jubilant Jubilee Celebrations!

We have had a fantastic day celebrating the Queen’s 70 years on the throne. We decorated our own crowns to wear outside for a slice of cake and sang the national anthem. We also decorated bunting to hang up outside! We also took part in a task to order the major events of the Queen’s life and enjoyed a special treat of having a picnic on the field at lunchtime!

Art Week Antics!

We have had an exciting and fun-filled week to celebrate different arts. We were lucky enough to have an art workshop to trace around birds before colouring them using oil pastels. Our drumming workshop with Tim was super! We learnt different beats using a variety of instruments including drums and shakers. We used our listening skills to keep in time and improved massively over the workshop. We also produced our own pieces of art inspired by Frank Bowling. We used paint and string to create these eye-catching pieces! Well done 3CS, future artists in the making!

Life Cycle Learning

In Science we learnt about the life cycle of a flowering plant. We developed our knowledge on each of the five stages of a plant’s life cycle. We then created these eye-catching designs in our books. We drew a picture of each stage on the front then underneath each flap, we have briefly summarised each stage. Well done 3CS, great work!

Topic Maths

We have enjoyed delving into some Topic Maths work to use our shapes learning alongside our Topic ‘Blooming Gorgeous’. Pupils traced around geometric shapes of their choice to create beautiful, eye-catching designs of flowers! We then spent some time naming the shapes that we used for each part of the flower. Well done 3CS!

3-D Shape Creating!

Last week, as part of our Maths learning on angles and shapes, we created our own 3-D shapes using long paper straws and masking tape. We chose a 3-D shape such as triangular prisms, cubes, cylinders and cones. We discussed how many faces, vertices and sides there were in our shapes with our partners and even identified whether there were any acute, obtuse or right angles! We enjoyed using our creativity to build the 3-D shapes!

Botanical Gardens Bonanza!

Last Friday we were lucky enough to have a school trip visiting the Botanical Gardens in Birmingham! We enjoyed participating in a range of activities to learn more about the fantastic variety of plants on show. We were given clues to work in teams to be able to find the right plant with only a clue and the first letter of each correct answer. This not only helped to hone our plants knowledge but also developed our teamwork skills. We had a fantastic day out and I’m super proud of each and every one of you!

Powerful Printing

On Friday, we enjoyed creating these amazing pieces of artwork. We used different kitchen utensils to dip into paint and print onto a black piece of card to create these eye-catching designs. From forks to spatulas, we really enjoyed the freedom to design our own flowers!