What a great day ! We learnt about planting and what plants need to grow. We cheered on sheep number 4 EWE Never Know and watched as they sped along the track jumping over jumps and hurdles. We enjoyed a very bumpy tractor ride round the fields and loved watching the small lambs jumping about. We fed the goats, sheep, donkeys and guinea pigs. We held 4 week old chicks, guinea pigs and a leopard gecko. We enjoyed having lunch in the beautiful sunshine.

Graham Jones

Today we had a very exciting visit from Graham Jones. He came in to talk about his book Toby the time traveller. Toby was caught up in the battle of Trafalgar and helped defeat the enemy. 

Graham Jones told us all about the weapons, food and life of the sailors from long ago .


Welcome back !

This week is book week. We are very excited and have lots of exciting activities taking place.

We have the book fair which is in the hall Monday to Thursday straight after school.

We have an author Graham Jones visiting.

We have a sponsored read.

We will be re- launching our 100 top reads.

On Friday we will be coming  to school in our pyjamas and bringing our favourite book.


Hunting ! For or against ?

In groups we prepared a short argument either for or against hunting. We did some research first using children’s websites. The children loved having an opinion and heated discussion and as always it was great to have a child’s perspective. Here we are in our groups deep in discussion. 



I am taller than a tree, 

My ears are so good that I can hear ladybirds marching on leaves, 

I live in a deep, dark cave,

My cloak flies out behind me as I race along,

I have hundreds of jars of children’s dreams,

People say that I am big and friendly.

Who am I ?

Can you guess who this is?

Year 2A wrote this as a class. 

Quentin Blake

We studied the art of Quentin Blake.  We practiced sketching in his style and the used watercolour to paint our pictures. They are brilliant ! 

We also used the art programme splosh to create a Roald Dahl character.