Heroes and Villains.

In literacy this week we have started to create our own fact files about Guy Fawkes.  The children found out information about Guy Fawkes like when he was born, where he lived, what he did and when he died.  We’re excited to see the finished leaflets bursting with information!  


Fantastic writers!!!

Following on from the story mountains, we retold the story of ‘Charlie’s Superhero Underpants’ but changed the characters that Charlie meets.   

We were so impressed with the children’s work! What fantastic writers! 


Science….Do the tallest people have the biggest feet? 

 In science we were finding out if taller people had the biggest feet.  The children made predictions before we actually found out the answer…..

All the children drew around their foot and cut them out, we then lay them out in a long line.

Our results were very interesting.  We discovered that the taller people don’t always have the biggest feet.