Food Colouring Flowers!

In computing today we were working with a partner to record our results from our science experiment. We were shown four pots with coloured water in, Miss Wheeler explained that the flowers started out as all white, we noticed that the food colouring had slowly started to change the colour of the petals on the flowers. We discussed how this may have happened and then used Purple Mash to record our results. We used 2Paint to represent the 4 flowers with each of their colours.

Forensic Scientist!

Today there was a crime in Hillmorton! A diamond had been stolen from the safe and it was our job to catch the criminal!

We were joined by Leanne who told us what a forensic scientist does and the sorts of things they look for at a crime scene. Some of these include finger prints and shoe prints. Something called DNA can lead us to a criminal. Did you know DNA can be found in blood, spit, tears, hair, wee and poo? At the crime scene we discovered finger prints, DNA left on a keyring and footprints which all lead us to conclude it was Mindy!

Science Lab Investigations!

Today we had an exciting visit to our school Science lab, we got to explore and investigate a range of different activities. We got to look through a microscope at organisms, materials and creatures; we got to create patterns with iron filings and a magnet, we got to use materials to work out which wouldn’t let UV light through. We also got to create our own circuit and drawn and explore dinosaur fossils. Afterwards we got to create our own healthy meal, measure how tall we were and label parts of a skeleton. It was amazing!

Ice Challenge!

Today we have been exploring various ways to try and get the sweet out of the ice. We all had a cube of ice with sweets trapped inside, we had to help Miss Wheeler with finding as many ways to try and get the sweets out as quickly as possible. We blew on it, rubbed it, smashed it, and held it in our hands so that it melted as quickly as possible. We used some great scientific language to describe what was happening to the ice as it melted and changed from a solid to a liquid.

GE engineering!

We had a visit from Gini and her team at GE Engineering. They explained to us all the different types of renewable energies and gave us an example with solar panels. With our group we had to use torches to try and turn the light and the propeller on. However, after 15 minutes nothing had happened. We found out that in order for the light to come on and the propeller to work we needed a stronger light source, like that of the sun. We talked about how renewable energy like wind turbines, waves and solar panels will help save our planet.

Star writer!

This week our star write goes to Madison!

Madison clearly enjoyed having something a bit different for her homework because she produced a super piece of display writing about Alexander Graham Bell. She presented it with super writing and bright colours.

Well done Madison!



This week in literacy we have been learning about non-fiction texts. We have created our own fact file about a chosen sea creature. We worked in pairs to use the laptops to research and find information about our sea creature, as well as print an image off for our fact file. We then used our notes to write up an exciting information sheet to give people facts about different sea creatures. We then chose another sea creature, drew, labelled and captioned it.

Money, Money, Money!

In numeracy this week we have started a new unit all about Money. We have been comparing the value of money with pennies and with pounds. We have used the ‘more than’, ‘less than’ and ‘equal to’ signs to show our comparisons. We have also had a selection of coins and have had to find the total of the set of coins altogether.  We have also been finding different sets of coins to make a total of 50p or  £1.