PACT afternoon – Superheroes!

WOW what an AMAZING afternoon we have had creating our very own superhero t-shirt. It was GREAT to see so many of us all having a go at cutting, sewing and designing such AWESOME looking t-shirts.

You are all SUPERHEROES!!

Thank you to those who came to support their children and spend the afternoon sewing. It was FANTASTIC to see you all there!

Shape Poetry!

In literacy we have been exploring poetry, in particular shape poetry. We were given a range of shape poems to read, understand and discuss. We noticed that a shape poem is a type of poetry that describes an object and is shaped the same as the object the poem is describing. You can write shape poems about anything. We are really excited to begin our own shape poem!

Star writer!

This week our star writer is Tommy!

Tommy has produced some super work so far in 2W. He has got beautiful handwriting, recently he has been really trying with his presentation and it has just got better and better. His Guy Fawkes fact file was just a delight to read and mark!

Well done Tommy!

Bar models!

In numeracy today we have been representing information using a bar model. We have been reading word problems, we then had to work out whether it was an addition or subtraction equation based on the problem. Then we used cubes to create a bar model to represent the information. We then used a whiteboard and pen to label our bar model to show the strategy we used to find the answer.

Taking Care Project!

Over this half term we have been exploring  and equipping ourselves with strategies to stay safe known as ‘protective behaviours’. The scheme named ‘The Taking Care Project’ , enables children to feel safe and within the scheme we will complete different activities and take part in discussions focusing on; different feelings we can experience as humans, what ‘Early Warning Signs’ we may experience if we feel unsafe and we will be creating a ‘Network Hand’ which enables us to reflect on who we can talk to if we ever feel unsafe. The key messages of the scheme include the right for us to feel safe all the time and the importance of telling members of our ‘Network Hands’ again and again if we experience ‘Early Warning Signs’ in order to feel safe again.
If you have any questions about the scheme then please do not hesitate to speak to me!

Fact File!

This week in literacy we have been finding out lots of interesting facts about Guy Fawkes! First of all we used information sheets and books to find out some facts about when Guy Fawkes was born, died and what he was famous for. We then copied out the facts that we thought were the best into our jotter. We have then been copying carefully all of the interesting facts into our very own fact file all about Guy Fawkes. We know that a fact file is non-fiction, which means it is giving information and not telling a story.

Who is Guy Fawkes?

In computing today we have been copying and pasting interesting facts about Guy Fawkes and Florence Nightingale from the internet. We were given the challenge of finding an image and interesting facts of our choice, we then had to learn how to copy and paste the image to our own power point presentation. We worked with our partner to change the style, colour and size of our font, we also changed the size of the image once it had been pasted onto the power point.

Star writer!

This weeks star writer goes to Harry B!

Harry really impressed Miss Wheeler with his amazing letter writing. He worked independently and had a go with his ideas, spelling and sentence structure. He used some awesome ideas and wrote in first person as if he was Charlie.

Well done Harry!