We have had an INCREDIBLE year in 2W! Miss Wheeler and Mrs Miller could not be prouder of what we have achieved and how much we have grown up and become confident, clever children.

Thank you so much to the children and parents for two super years, we will definitely miss you all! Please stay in touch, we will be just across the playground!

Check out a little video of our year in 2W!

Arty Tea Party!

What a fantastic afternoon we had for our Arty Tea Party to end our amazing year in year 2. We had perfect weather, company, music and the food was yummy too. It was a lovely way to end our exciting topic of Awesome Artists and to the end year. Thank you to everyone who came and enjoyed the afternoon in the sun!


Star writer!

Our star writer this week goes to Tiana!

Tiana produced a super piece of work for her newspaper report! She used super language, writing in third and first person and created a great headline, name of the paper and picture to match the headline.

Well done Tiana!

Extra, Extra, Read all about it!

This week in literacy we have continued to use our imagination to create a newspaper article to tell the world about a strange, mysterious statue seen roaming the streets, park or even the shops I the early hours of the morning. We used our statue as the main story for a newspaper article. We included interviews with the major, museum manager, witness’ of the statue and the museum security guard. We have also compared pieces of artwork into art that we like and dislike. We then had to give reasons as to why we liked or disliked them. To end the week we created our own piece of ART ATTACK art as a class outside.

There’s a Sunflower in my Supper!

Year 2 have worked extremely hard towards their final performance of ‘There’s a Sunflower in my Supper!’ in KS1. We have loved our year in year 2 and this was just the perfect way to celebrate the end of being in KS1. Our delightful moo-sical is about Daisy the cow’s dream to grow a glorious garden.

We hope you enjoyed it as much as we enjoyed performing it!

Take a look at our final song of our assmebly!

We are Vincent Van Gogh!

In computing today we have been using our knowledge from homework and class lessons, to type information about Vincent Van Gogh into a photo template using Purple Mash. We have worked with our partner to type sentences in first person about Van Gogh. We used our own knowledge as well and facts we had learnt during lessons to help us type out full sentences. We also used the webcam to take a photograph of ourselves as if we were Vincent Van Gogh.

Bar models!

In numeracy we have been continuing our learning on the 3’s and 4’s times tables. We have been using our knowledge of multiplication and division to solve bar models. We have really impressed Miss Wheeler with how much we have remembered about bar models and how to represent them in our numeracy books. We have been solving word problems using multiplication and division  bar models.