Phizz Lab!

This week it is our whole school’s ‘Science Week’ following the theme of ‘Journey’. We were excited to learn we would be kick starting our exciting week full of Science by visiting the Phizz Lab! In the Phizz Lab were different practical activities linked with Space! We created our own ‘moon craters’ and measured the diameter and depth of them. We used microscopes to look closely at different rocks from plants! We used glove boxes to simulate how astronauts would safely repair their space crafts in space and we used geoboards and elastic bands to re create constellations! We had a space-tastic time in the phizz lab today!

Silly Science!

As part of Science week we enjoyed participating in the ‘Silly Science’ workshop! We created flames safely, discussed how energy can be converted in different ways and we set off some rockets soaring! We also talked about aerodynamics and how shapes of objects and thrust can affect how items fly. We enjoyed watching a leaf blower shoot a gigantic ball and toilet paper above and over our heads!


Today in computing we have been pretending that we were an astronaut travelling to Space. We discussed what we might see, how it might feel to be travelling up there and what we were in space for. We used Purple Mash, a child friendly piece of software to type sentences in first person, as if we were an astronaut. We wrote about what it is like, what we can eat and how we slept up in space.


This week for Science week our focus has been ‘Journeys’. We have been exploring the journey of space and travelling to space. We thought about how we get to space and designed and created our own spaceship. We then wrote about who we would take and what three things we would take with us. We also wrote a letter as if we had arrived on the moon to tell our friends and family how we felt, what we had seen and what did on the moon.

Star writer!

This week our star writer is Emilia!

Emilia produced a superb newspaper report all about the arrival of Zeraffa Giraffa into Paris. She included all of the success criteria in her piece of work. It even looks like a real newspaper!

Well done Emilia!