Representing 2-digit numbers!

In maths today we studied closely our ‘Big Picture’ for Unit 1 which is a fruit market stall. We identified how the fruit was arranged in groups of tens and ones which makes it efficient to count how many there are altogether. In pairs we represented the value of fruits for our talk task using cubes and a bead string. We identified that different concrete manipulatives can represent the value of tens and ones in 2-digit numbers. For our independent task we looked at pictorial representations of fruit and represented the groups of tens and ones using dienes on a place value chart and a bead string to identify how much of each fruit there was altogether.

Star writer

This week’s Star writer is…Anabelle!
Anabelle wrote a fantastic diary entry in role as a toy from our class reader ‘Traction Man’.
She included amazing noun phrases such as ‘bouncy brussel sprouts’ and ‘beautiful decorations’.
Well done Anabelle!

Star of the week

This week’s Star of the week is…Phoebe!
Phoebe has settled in brilliantly after a long summer break and I was so impressed with how she has adapted to new challenges and changes in year 2. She has been very helpful towards peers and myself and Mrs Sumun.
Well done Phoebe!

Superhero WOW day!

Year 2 have had a super ‘WOW’ day today to introduce our first topic ‘Superheroes’! We took part in lots of exciting activities including; sending superheroes to the ‘odd’ or ‘even’ headquarters by using concrete manipulatives and pictorial representations to represent the superheroes’ values and decide which headquarters they should be sent to! We used ICT to design our own Superhero costume experimenting with texture, colour and shape! We then justified our choices by explaining our design. We also enjoyed creating our own super-popcorn cone treats before watching ‘The Incredibles’ as all heroes need a sugar rush! We are looking forward to learning more about ‘superheroes’ across a range of curriculum subjects this half term!

We have had a fantastic start to a brand new year…2P you are truly SUPER! 🙂