Superhero WOW Day!

Year 2 have had a super ‘WOW’ day today to introduce our first topic ‘Superheroes’! We took part in lots of exciting activities including; sending superheroes to the ‘odd’ or ‘even’ headquarters by using concrete manipulatives and pictorial representations to represent the superheroes’ values and decide which headquarters they should be sent to! We used ICT to design our own Superhero costume experimenting with texture, colour and shape! We then justified our choices by explaining our design. We also enjoyed eating popcorn as a treat whilst watching ‘The Incredibles’ as all heroes need a sugar rush! We are looking forward to learning more about ‘superheroes’ across a range of curriculum subjects this half term!

Superhero maths investigation – sorting odd and even numbers to the correct ‘headquarters’.
Designing superhero costumes using Purple Mash and awesome superhero poses.