On the Farm WOW day!

To kick start our new topic ‘On the Farm’ our WOW day we considered where food comes from and how food gets to our plate! We enjoyed being quizzed on our knowledge of names of vegetables and recapped our learning of parts of plants. We identified and discussed how animals can provide us with different types of food including meat and dairy produce. We became geographers and located where farm produce is grown within the United Kingdom and discussed as a class why they grow best in certain locations. We consolidated our understanding of money by making costs of different farm produce foods using a variety of coin combinations. We enjoyed experimenting with prints using fresh produce to create some very snazzy looking art work using poster paint inspired by farm landscape colours.

2P’s Class Assembly!

2P put on a show stopping performance this week which was inspired by our learning from our previous topic ‘What will we be?’. We shared our learning around inspiring individuals from a musical, artistic, design & technologist and athletic background. With our groovy dance moves and angelic singing of hits including ‘Mamma Mia’ ,’Waterloo’ ,’I have a dream’  and ‘Dancing Queen’  we truly put on a show-stopping performance for KS1 and the wider Hillmorton community. Well done 2P, you are all super trouper!

The Queen’s Jubilee!

Year 2 have been in the celebratory spirit this week on our last
week before half term as we’ve been participating in exciting activities linking to this significant event. We have completed a range of maths activities which involve consolidating previously taught skills including using different coin combinations to pay for items an imaginary tea party and solving the mystery of the Queen’s missing broach by cracking codes. We also created beautiful portraits of the Queen using poster paints and decorated paper plate crowns which we wore to our whole school picnic on Friday whilst singing the national anthem and enjoying a delicious slice of cake. What a royal-tastic way to end the half term!

Working in the style of Frank Bowling!

Year 2 were inspired by Frank Bowling’s art work to create their own in his style. We used watercolour paints to achieve the effect of blended colours of vibrant and dull shades. Frank Bowling used the shape of Africa for his art work which is his where he was born, so we used the shape of the United Kingdom for ours. They all look so unique and magnificent!
Take a look!

Working with an artist!

We loved working with a visiting artist Sara today. We enjoyed creating beautiful feathers using a range of materials and techniques including layering newspaper, oil pastels and cutting paper in interesting ways. We loved working with Sara and look forward to seeing the art work all together as a final whole school masterpiece.

Drumming for art week!

We were very excited to become musicians as part of Art week 2022. We enjoyed working with Tim and getting our hands on some drums and other instruments to create different rhythms and patterns to coincide with our art week theme ‘Journey’’.
Take a look at us in action below!

Deliciously Ella inspired treats!

We were excited to become Design & Technologists this week in Year 2. We were surprised to learn that Ella the founder of the food brand ‘Deliciously Ella’ is local to Rugby! We explored her packaging and identified it’s key features and characteristics, drawing comparisons. This then inspired us to create our own healthy food brand! We considered what features to include on our packaging based on our research and created a healthy snack using granola, syrup and fruits. They looked fantastic and tasted even better!

Spanish shapes

Today, we looked at images of different coloured 2D shapes. Miss Power said aloud in Spanish the shape she was looking at by it’s colour and shape name. We identified there were similarities between the name of the shape in Spanish with English which helped us to identify the shape’s name. We played a game where we held a 2D shape at random, we then listened to the Spanish description and held our shape up if it matched with ours, we also practiced saying the Spanish phrase aloud.

Colours in Spanish!

Today, we listened to a song called Rojo, azul. We explored the names of different colours in Spanish and practiced their pronunciation. Whilst we sang the song we became classroom colour detectives and found different objects for the different colours in the song. We then placed the objects in a pattern to match the order of the lyrics in the song. For our last challenge in groups we found items of different colours called aloud, we needed to remember the translation from Spanish to English to find the right coloured object!

WOW day – Look up!

Our WOW day this half term was Space themed inspired by our class text  ‘Look up’ by author Nathan Bryon. We came to school dressed as what we aspire to be in the future and shared this with our peers. We completed lots of exciting space themed activities including recreating moon phases by snacking on oreos, creating star constellations on geoboards, launching a foam rocket and estimating and measuring the distance in metres and creating striking pieces of work of the planets using chalks. We also listened to composer Gustav Holt’s compositions of each of the planets.  It’s been a truly solar-rific  WOW day! Have a look below

Take a look at us dressed as our future career aspirations.
Can you guess what we aspire to be?