Healthy Body, Healthy Mind!

This week, as part of our science learning, 2HR learned how humans should keep themselves healthy. We began by looking at the career of Rugby Paralympian Sam Ruddock and talked about what he might do to keep his mind and body healthy as someone who has to keep physically and mentally fit . We watched some clips of Sam talking about what he does and the adaptations he has to make for his disability (Cerebral Palsy). We felt inspired listening to him! We discussed the basic needs of humans and looked at exercise, healthy eating, hygiene, and mental health. We also looked at the Healthy Living plate and thought about our favourite foods from each food group.

Find out more about the Healthy Eating plate and play a game here:

We used the information we gathered to create posters, using bright colours and illustrations to catch people’s attention and headings and subheadings to organise it. We loved choosing how we could lay out our work, worked really hard to finish them, and we’re very proud of how they turned out!

If you’d like to read more about local Paralympian Sam, there is information here:

Los Colores

This week, we have been exploring the names of different colours in Spanish and practised their pronunciation. We listened to a song to help us learn them and then played a game to consolidate our understanding. We labelled each corner of the classroom with a different colour (verde, amarillo, rojo and azul) and joined in with the Spanish song until the music stopped, at which point we had to choose which colour to stand by. A colour was then picked at random and any children standing by that colour had to sit down. We had loads of fun!

Here is a link to the song we sang!

Cricket Taster Session

Last week, KS1 were treated to a visit from a cricket coach. 2R were very excited to get the chance to learn and practice some bat and ball skills. The children began by practicing passing skills, ensuring they were passing underarm. They directed the ball accurately to their partner and made sure they were ready to catch the ball on its return. They then took turns to bat and field, learning to hold the bat correctly and watching the ball closely to time their swing for maximum impact! All of the children had lots of fun!


For the last couple of weeks, 2R have been having lots of fun in their music lessons with Mrs Van Laar. They have enjoyed learning funs songs based around the Afro-Caribbean folk tale character Anansi the spider and were very excited to have the chance to record them for yo to watch at home. Check out the videos below of their performances!

Quentin Blake Illustrations

This week in our topic lessons, we became illustrators. We looked at the work of Quentin Blake and studied how he uses line and colour to draw and paint his characters. We practised some of these techniques before producing our own illustrations in his style. You can see some of the paintings below. Do you recognise any of the characters?

The Magic Finger!

In our literacy lessons this week, we began reading ‘The Magic Finger. by Roald Dahl’ We began by writing a letter in character to the Gregg family to convince them to stop hunting. We then made predictions about what we thought might happen in the story. Later in the week, we re-enacted part of the book where the Gregg family wake up and realise they are turning into ducks! The children practised their scenes using short scripts and then performed for the rest of the class. The slide show below shows the children worked hard to show the characters’ emotions and through expression and creative touches. They portrayed how shocked and scared Mr and Mrs Gregg were when they saw feathers in place of their hands, and how excited the Gregg boys were to have wings!

He’s behind you!

Last week, 2R were VERY excited to watch a pantomime at school! This year, it was a retelling of the traditional tale Little Red Riding Hood, but not quite like the original story the children have heard. There was lots of singing, dancing, silly jokes, and a few new additions to the tale; a very silly character ‘Posh-Bert Dim’, a toybox full of cash, a Christmas tree that got everyone wet, a cow, and Grandma looked very different as a dame! Red Riding Hood and the Wolf were there of course, which made for lots of ‘he’s behind you!’ moments, which the children were happy to (loudly!) join in with.

I think everybody’s ears were ringing for quite a while afterwards! Hehe.